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Who We Are

Belle Bar Organic is hiring for all-star Hiring Manager for a fast growing start up hair care company. We are The first beauty brand to combine the power of green beauty, natural haircare, and e-learning. Our mission is to become the number one resource for women of color as they go through their natural hair growth journey. Co-founded and led by females and women of color- we’ve always had to deal with whatever we were given and we want our customers to have the type experience they deserve, where they feel valued and properly represented. We're looking for a few special individuals to join our team as we’re growing fast and need to expand in order to keep up with and optimize our success.


If you:

  • Feel an insatiable desire to excel, achieve outcomes, and exceed goals…
  • Are fiercely determined and can problem solve unexpected issues- heck you thrive on it!
  • You have an internal drive with strong organizational and prioritization skills so you can exceed expectations 
  • Are results driven 
  • Have aided in scaling small businesses
  • Are known for your low turnover rate
  • Can create documented and streamlined processes for pre-screening, interview, hiring, on-boarding and post-hire check ins
  • Familiar with assigning projects as a step in the interview process
  • Able to recruit for both digital and IRL spaces
  • You appreciate holistic and green beauty culture and are passionate about being of service to our inclusive community


The Role Logistics

We are looking for a freelance Hiring Manager.

We are currently growing our team IMMEDIATELY and currently gearing up for Q4/Holiday season launches, campaigns and department expansion, and dealing with a lot of pivots due to the current climate.

I need someone to oversee/optimize the entire process, from job posting/outreach, review the resumes, respond to candidates, send out Offer and Turndown letters, do preliminary interviews, give a preliminary project and manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from start to finish.

  • Requirements

    • 5 years of experience qualifying and hiring candidates for open job positions
    • An understanding of start-ups/e-commerce both for virtual and in-person positions and the type of qualification one would need to have to be successful in that environment
    • A strong network. Plethora of resources to pull candidates from; both local and international
    • Experience working with video conferencing, G-suite, project management software, and Slack

    Available immediately.

    Why it’s Awesome To Join Our Team

    • You’ll work with extraordinary people. If you like working with passionate, communicative, talented, accountable, creative, generous, and ambitious people, that's us.
    • We care about empowerment and inclusion and we’re changing the beauty industry for the better. If that's appealing- and you care too- you'll be able to have a direct meaningful impact.
    • It's likely you will either fall in love and thrive. We have a high bar for quality and results. If you are dedicated to excellence and efficiency, you'll succeed here fast.


    $2,000 per month flat fee

  • Contact: Careers@BelleBarOrganic.com
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