3 Natural Hair Must Haves

By Ari Edwards

Ankara Silk Bonnets

I don't know about you, but I have major trouble finding a bonnet that covers all of my hair, doesn't slip off at night but also isn't too tight, and looks somewhat decent. Okay that last preference isn't totally necessary, but it would be nice right? Bonnets are crucial for people with natural hair because they aid in reducing breakage and frizz, and help the hair retain moisture over night. 

That's why Ankara bonnets from Isókén Enófé are a godsend! The come in various sizes, super cute designs, and are made from high quality ankara silk fabric. Plus, they're Auntie Jackie approved! I can't wait to get my hands on one. 


Another age-old natural hair problem is finding hair ties that your hair can't break, and that don't break your hair. If you've got super thick hair definitely try the Snappee hair tie, it was created with kinky, thick, coarse-textured hair in mind. Rather than maintaining a set size, Snappees can stretch around pretty much all hair, you simply wrap it around your pony and snap it in place. Plus, they're super soft and don't rip our your hair. You've got to try them.


Silk Pillowcases


We all need a good silk pillowcase--like bonnets, they protect the hair and keep it from drying out. Even if you don't have natural hair, silk pillowcases also prevent fine lines and help the skin retain moisture. So basically, ditching your cotton pillowcases is all around the way to go. Check out these inexpensive options and stay hydrated!







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