6 Super Unique Stocking Stuffers for Every Person in Your Life

By Alexa Santory


Stocking stuffer gifts are by far some of the best gifts we get on Christmas. As we get older, we kind of have some idea of what people will buy us, especially since people usually ask us what we want. Those stocking stuffers are always a sweet surprise — something you probably didn’t expect to get at all! Here are some of our faves this season, in every price range.



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From us...


This collection allows you try four to five sample size skin care products--perfect for dropping into your loved ones' stockings! This collection will be great for skin care novices and experts alike. Introduce someone you love to their new favs.



Okay this will be great for you friend who's obsessed with hair products, or your sister who is just getting into hair care. This collection offers four to five samples that they can use to discover new staples in their routine!

For the makeup junkie…


With makeup being some of the furthest stuff from natural, a lot of us are becoming more conscious about what exactly we’ve been putting on our bodies. We love brands with transparency about their products and this lipstick duo from 100% Pure contains all-natural ingredients and even uses fruit to pigment their makeup! With nourishing Shea butter as the base, these lipsticks contain anti-aging pomegranate oil. The duo contains two, limited edition, universal shades that are made to flatter every skin tone!

For the kiddies…

Kids love candy. And not for nothing, but Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups changed my life, so I’m pretty sure they’ll change the life of the child who so luckily gets gifted this wonderful treat. I understand that most little ones don't enjoy dark chocolate, which is why Justin’s makes them in milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties too! The peanut butter is organic and the dark chocolate version is vegan! That other peanut butter cup brand has nothing on these.


For the tea lover…

Yogi Tea has a wide range of tea varieties for just about any discomfort we face. If you want glowing skin, try one of these. They have 11 different types of teas that help with digestion, and 5 that boost your energy levels. Or if you’re just super stressed, chill out with my personal favorite, this honey lavender tea. This is a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone and you could even personalize little tea care packages for each stocking! Even the most skeptical person will feel relaxed by that honey lavender one!


For you and your friend’s homes…

Gift your friends bundles of sage and Palo Santo to use in their homes. It’s as much a health practice as it is a spiritual one and they’ve both been used by alternative medicine doctors for centuries. Smudging has been a spiritual practice for ages and it allows us to cleanse the energy in our personal spaces. Burning sage has also been shown to reduce stress levels, as well as having antibacterial properties. Palo Santo is also great for energetic cleansing, as well as boosting creativity, reducing inflammation, and easing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s a nice intro to smudging and a thoughtful present for your loved ones. Also, keep in mind that these are still sacred rituals that have been practiced by Indigenous people for centuries -- please be respectful :).


For your boo…


Socks, like underwear, are something you can truly never have too many of. And TBH, socks make a great gift and people who don’t appreciate its simplicity don’t deserve new socks!!! Pick up some organic, sustainable socks for your boo thing and I promise they’ll love the gesture. These super cozy socks are made from 100% organic materials and come in three different fibers: cotton, hemp, and linen. They’ll be comfy and doing something good for our planet!

For all of your friends and family…


We’re all in need of a little instant relaxation. That’s why gifting each of your loved ones an essential oil rollerball is a great for all those little stressful life moments. This Etsy shop is selling a set of 4 oil rollers, which you get to choose! The blends are formulated to help issues ranging from muscle soreness to shingles (can you say variety???)! Thanks to you, your loved ones will feel a whole lot more chill having one of these on hand.


Happy shopping! Happy Christmas!

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