7 DIY Natural Masks to Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Happy & Healthy

By Alexa Santory

DIY: Hair Masks for Color Treated Hair
Imagine this: you’ve just gotten a fresh dye job and it looks exactly like that picture of your style inspo with the same color. Your colorist couldn’t have done a better job. But you go to wash it for the first time and then you see it….the split ends. Then you feel it. It’s dry, it’s frizzier than normal, it’s brittle. The color even looks a little dull. At this point you’re probably feeling like it was a waste, all that work for this! But don’t worry, there’s totally a hair mask for that. Today it's all about showing your color treated hair some TLC: DIY hair masks, what we like to put in ‘em, and why they’re so great for maintaining your color treated tresses!
As we’ve learned, the most important part of maintaining the health of your color- treated hair is by giving it as much moisture as humanly possible. Hair dye leaves your cuticles open and more susceptible to dryness. In other words, hair dye sucks all the moisture from your hair and has a good time doing it! Try out one of these DIY masks (including one of my absolute favorite Belle Bar products) to kick the dryness to the curb once and for all!

If your hair is dry and brittle after coloring, try….

Pumpkin and Honey mask



What you’ll need:

  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 cup of pumpkin puree
  • Half cup of yogurt

How to use it:

On clean, wet hair, apply the mask mixture all over. Cover your head with a plastic cap then rinse after 15 minutes! Be sure to wash the hair thoroughly with (sulfate free!) shampoo and conditioner to assure the mask is out completely!

Why we love it:

Honey is a humectant, meaning it’s a magnet for moisture. If you’re experiencing brittleness, moisture is what your hair is crying out for. Pumpkin is great for our scalp health and helps strengthen our hair from the inside, and yogurt could help replenish the protein lost during the process! Overall, this mask is going to give you moisturized, plump, shiny strands--damage will be a thing of the past. Not only does honey help deeply moisturize, pumpkin is packed with hair healthy vitamins A and K, plus magnesium and zinc, which help contribute to hair growth, too! Plus, there’s beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in our bodies, adding a layer of sun protection to the hair after one use.

Olive Oil and Honey mask


What you’ll need:

  • ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup of honey

How to use it:

Warm the mixture in the microwave or in the heat safe bowl submerged in water.
Once warm enough to touch without getting burnt, apply it to clean, damp hair. Take time to massage the mixture into your scalp, and work it through to the ends.
Cover your head with a plastic cap and leave it on for 30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Why we love it:

Olive oil is full of good fats and has some great anti inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice of oil for your newly sensitive scalp (it’s a sad truth of color treatments and bleaching!). It helps prevent flakiness and dandruff, and when massaged in, stimulates blood flow, which helps hair growth! It’s also full of vitamin E, which is a great moisturizer. Honey is a humectant, which means it literally attracts and retains moisture. It’s the perfect ingredient for restoring moisture into hair that’s been dried out by color treatments. It’s basically nature’s most perfect moisturizer, and it works just as well on our skin as it does on our hair!

Belle Bar Waikiki Restorative Hibiscus mask

What you’ll need:

  • 1 teaspoon of the mask powder
  • Your favorite conditioner OR a fresh ingredient, like coconut milk or avocado

How to use it:

Mix the powder with your conditioner or fresh ingredient until it reaches a baby food consistency.
On clean, wet hair, apply the mask liberally and thoroughly, focusing on problem areas. Cover with a plastic cap for and hour, then rinse with cool water.

*Make sure to co-wash one or two more times to assure the mask has been washed out completely.

Why we love it:

I stan this hair mask!!!! Although my hair isn’t color treated, it has suffered some intense heat damage and this mask pretty much reversed it after one use. It leaves your hair soft, shiny, bouncy, and moisturized. Hibiscus is the star of this magical mask for some very good reasons. It’s packed with amino acids, vitamins A and C, and tons of other nutrients that are great for your hair. It’s a gentle cleanser and a conditioning herb that strengthens and gently cleans the hair,  adding volume and shine. It also has coconut milk, avocado, marshmallow root, coconut oil, and shea oil -- all of which combined, make for a pretty powerful, intensely moisturizing mask of your dreams.
An unfortunate caveat of frequent color treatments is the possibility of your hair thinning out a bit more than you’d like. Since the hair shaft and cuticle are being compromised, it leads to our hair proteins diminishing too. Keep the keratin strong and replenished by using one of these DIY masks for thinning color treated hair!

If your hair is thin or breaking after coloring, try…

Banana and honey mask


What you’ll need:

  • 1 overripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

How to use it:

Mash the banana, then add the honey and mix until it’s nice and smooth. Apply the mixture to clean hair, wet or dry, then cover with a plastic cap for 30 minutes.

Why we love it:

Banana is actually pretty bomb for restoring thinning hair. They have a ton of potassium, carbohydrates, and other hair-healing nutrients that provide moisture and improve manageability. Banana also helps impart shine, improves elasticity, and (most importantly) prevents split ends and any further breakage! It’s wonderful for thinning or breaking hair for all of these reasons, PLUS the two ingredients combined will make your hair smell delicious and who doesn’t want that? As we know, honey is nature’s perfect moisturizer, so adding it to this mask seals the deal as far as keeping your color treated hair thick, strong, and moisturized!

Belle Bar Custom Restoring Avocado mask

What you’ll need:

  • 1 teaspoon of the mask powder
  • Your favorite conditioner OR a fresh ingredient like coconut milk or avocado
  • How to use it:
Mix the powder with your conditioner or fresh ingredient until it reaches a baby food consistency.
On clean, wet hair, apply the mask liberally and thoroughly, focusing on problem areas. Cover with a plastic cap for and hour, then rinse with cool water.
Make sure to co-wash one or two more times to assure the mask has been washed out completely.

Why we love it:

We love avocados, okay? They’re so great for your insides and outsides, we made a couple of masks with them as the star! They’re packed with potassium (almost twice as much as bananas) and they’re full of protein….you know, the stuff your hair is severely lacking? It may not be keratin, but protein treatments are a must! The avocado pulp in this mask helps heal and nourish the scalp (happy scalp, happy hair remember?), while sealing the hair in a protective layer that prevents it from drying out. The avocado seed, on the other hand, is full of antioxidants and helps revive elasticity. There’s also olive oil and slippery elm, which condition, strengthen, and add slip. Since it’s a custom mask, we recommend adding onion to restore lost nutrients, lemon peel to balance the scalp’s pH, and pink salt to promote circulation! You won’t have to worry about any further breakage with this mask because it’s so great for sealing in the moisture our hair needs!
Yet another unfortunate outcome of dyeing your hair is the inevitable dullness. This happens because of dryness and breakage and an overall lack of nourishment. You always want to care for your scalp too! Here are a few masks we love that help restore that beautiful shine that seems to have escaped your hair!

If your hair is dull and lifeless after coloring, try...

Color Booster masks

What you’ll need for Brunettes:

  • ½ cup of cocoa powder
  • ½ cup of plain yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

How to use it:

Mix the ingredients until the become a paste then apply the mixture to clean, wet hair. Leave it on for up to 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It may stain your skin a bit, but it’ll wash off!

What you’ll need for Blondes:


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 raw potato
  • ½ cup of room temp chamomile tea

How to use it:

Squeeze the lemon juice over the grated potato and chamomile tea and mix until it becomes a paste. On clean, wet hair, apply the mask then cover it with a plastic cap for up to 30 minutes. Apply light heat to boost the results even more. Rinse out the mask and wash the hair one more time for good measure!

What you’ll need for Redheads:


  • 3 medium carrots
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 3 tablespoons of yogurt

How to use it:

Finely chop the carrots to make a paste, then mix in the yogurt and honey. On clean, wet hair, apply the mask and massage it into the scalp and hair. Rinse it out after 2 minutes then wash the hair once more!

Why we love them:

All natural color boosters?? You mean I don’t have to touch up my color with more chemicals?? Say no more. There’s tons of good stuff here: honey, yogurt, carrots, lemons, you name it. Honey is nature’s perfect moisturizer and attracts a ton of it into your hair, softening it significantly. Yogurt helps replenish any proteins lost, plus the lactic acid helps the cocoa powder or carrots penetrate the hair deeply, resulting in a much richer brown or red. There’s also a lot of antioxidants in carrot that help protect the hair from future damage. Lemons are excellent for lightening the hair, as well as chamomile, which also helps ease up scalp irritation. The surprise element, potato, actually has an enzyme that helps brighten the hair, resulting in a more vibrant blonde! Chances are, you have at least a few of these ingredients in your kitchen already. With these color boosting masks, you probably won’t have to drop your hard earned money at an expensive salon for touch up anymore.

Mayonnaise mask


What you’ll need:

Mayonnaise….that’s it

How to use it:

Apply the mayonnaise to clean, wet hair then cover with a plastic cap for 20 minutes.
You can apply heat to intensify the effects, but it’s optional!
Rinse it thoroughly and co-wash twice to make sure it’s all out!

Why we love it:

Yes, you read that right. Putting mayonnaise on your hair actually helps it out in a time of need! It sounds crazy, I know, but mayo surprisingly has a few ingredients that are hair healthy. Since it’s egg and oil based, mayo has a lot of good proteins and can help nourish the scalp. The trick to this mask is to focus on the ends, since that’s where your hair looks the dullest. However, go easy on your roots especially if you have thin or oily hair naturally. The mayo could end up weighing it down. If you use it correctly, a mayonnaise mask will make your hair super shiny, while also having some positive effects on your scalp as well!
If just using mayo freaks you out a bit, try this alternative with more ingredients for a more powerful punch.
½ avocado
¼ cup of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of honey
2 oz. water
Apply the mixture to clean, wet hair and comb through with your fingers to make sure every strand is coated (do this for every mask! Avoid combs if you can)
Cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply some heat to it to amp up the intensity
After 20 minutes, rinse the mask with cool water to seal everything in, then condition again to make sure everything’s out!

Why we love it:

What’s not to love!? Look at those ingredients! It has a little bit of everything for all your color treated hair needs, AND its all natural, organic, and non-toxic. It’s got all the right tools to moisturize, revitalize, strengthen, and add shine to color treated (or heat damaged!) hair.
Whatever the issue you’re experiencing with your color treated hair, always remember that the most important part of keeping dyed hair healthy is making sure it absorbs and retains as much moisture as possible. There’s a hair mask for everything! Which one is your favorite??

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