7 Pink Beauty Products We Love This Fall

By Alexa Santory


Pink Products We 💗

Pink is a really joyful, happy color. Despite how heavy a month like Breast Cancer Awareness month can feel, it’s still important to maintain that joy. That’s why we wanted to start the month out with fun DIY’s, and close the week out with so equally fun pink products we think you’ll love! Check out some of our favorite things adding a pretty pop of pink into our everyday!


A Rose quartz facial roller to depuff and de-stress your face.

I’m sure you’ve seen these all over Instagram and Youtube. Just about every skin care guru has one of these bad boys, and for good reason. Similar to the jade roller, the rose quartz roller also helps with lymphatic drainage. What’s that, you ask? Lymphatic drainage is essentially a method of massaging our lymph nodes to encourage the removal of waste products from our tissue. Sounds intense, but it’s super soothing and detoxifying. It’s great for calming down irritated or stressed out skin, and it helps to depuff too, especially around the eye area.

People also use them to push serums, masks, and moisturizers deeper into the skin. We love it because of what it’s made of -- rose quartz, the crystal most closely related to the heart chakra, which radiates love energy. Show to love to your skin with one of these!


A Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 in Flamingo Pink to capture those memories.

Polaroid cameras are so wonderfully nostalgic. Who remembers the joy of being honored to shake out the photo as soon as it printed, even though we knew it was bad? Get into one of these mini film cameras and have your memories available to keep on the spot. The film roll adds a certain grit and charm to your pictures, giving them a vintage feel. Definitely worth the investment.

A 10-Free Non Toxic Nail Polish in the most perfect pink.

This creamy, bright pink is absolutely perfect, and only $12! Typical nail polish is full of chemicals that do more harm than good to our nails. The top ten harmful chemicals include toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde (yes, embalming fluid), xylene, formaldehyde resin, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, or animal products. It’s completely non-toxic nail polish that works with your nails and not against them. Did we mention it’s also the perfect pink??


A Pink Freckle Face Plant to bring life to your space.


We’re big fans of bringing the outside inside. Plants are excellent to have in your personal space because they help cleanse the air and add life to your space, literally! The pink freckle face plant is a pretty, leafy, pink and green plant. They thrive both indoors and outdoors and grow to their full bloom pretty quickly. They don’t require a ton of sunlight either, and watering should be kept at a minimum as long as the soil stays moist! It’s a unique piece to have in your space, and its vibrant pattern will add character!

A Pink Felt Letter Board to remind yourself who tf you are.

Make your to-do list, set up your schedule, or just remind yourself that you’re a bad b**** with this adorable letter board. It comes with 290 pieces, more than enough to spell out some words of encouragement. It also comes in a smaller size to keep on your desk, just in case you need some more inspo!


The Perfect Pink Boyfriend Hoodie, for whether you have a boo or not.

Don’t steal it from him, just get one of your own and spray his cologne on it. With fall right around the corner, this is a great, cozy layering piece for the beginning of the colder months. Stay warm and wear matching hoodies with your boo!


A Lovely Pink Glass Water Bottle to keep you hydrated in style.

This bottle reminds me of a baby perfume my mom used to put on me. I remember always loving how it looked so this water bottle sold me. It has a silicone sleeve to help keep drinks extra cool. Even though it’s glass, it can take a beating and has a protective bottom to keep it from cracking or breaking. Definitely a must have if you’re a frequent water drinker. If you’re not, having a pretty water bottle to drink out of will make you want to drink it more. It’s ~science~, try it!


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