All Natural DIY Holiday Hair and Makeup Looks

by Alexa Santory


The holidays are full of good old fashioned fun, and sometimes that includes hitting up a party, or seven. Unlike the tasty magic of Thanksgiving, where you often only travel the long tedious journey from the kitchen to the living room, Christmas usually requires more effort in terms of churning out looks. I don’t know about you, but I love an opportunity to sleigh.

In true Belle Bar fashion, we’re going to set you up with some bomb hair and makeup looks to try this holiday season. Prepare for the people at all of your holiday parties this month to be floored.



Natural Eye w/ a DIY Red Lip


Easily my go-to, “festive” makeup, this look is flattering on everyone. I’ve never been big on eye makeup, so it cuts the time you spend on it, plus it looks effortless! After prepping your skin, apply your base of foundation or BB cream. Hopefully you’re seeing some major results from using this DIY lash and brow serum we love so much. Since this makeup look focuses on a natural eye with a bold lip, lightly fill in and tame your brows with your products of choice. Apply two coats of mascara for a more subtle eye, or four coats for a bit more pop. Now let’s get into this DIY lip stain…

All you’ll need for this stain is some cranberry powder, shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil. Here’s how it’s made!

  1. Use a heat resistant bowl over simmering water (no microwaves here!)
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon each of shea butter and beeswax with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  3. Once it’s all melted and blended to a nice consistency, add 1 teaspoon of cranberry powder
  4. Mix until it is well blended and remove it from the heat
  5. Pour the mixture into a tin and let it cool and set
  6. Once it’s set, apply it to your lips! 

We love this recipe because it’s just as pigmented as it is nourishing! All the ingredients are natural and have their own individual properties to keep your pout moisturized throughout the night!


Glittery Eyes w/ a Glossy Lip

Nothing says holiday makeup like a shimmery, glittery eye. Stila Makeup makes some of the most luscious, easy-to-apply glitter eye shadow probably ever. Some of my personal qualms with regular powder shadow is fallout and how much blending and precision is required when putting it on. These liquid glitter shadows are a no brainer in terms of application, and the color payoff is amazing! I recommend “Next to Notte,” a dark berry with a pink glitter flip, or “Kitten Karma,” for a classic champagne look!

After prepping your skin, apply your base as usual. You want your eyes to be the center of attention here -- to really make that color pop, apply this vegan eyeshadow primer first! It’ll keep the product in place all night, while also making the color that much more intense. Swipe one coat of the glitter shadow onto the lids and tap with your fingers to blend the edges and set the color, then apply two coats of your favorite mascara. If you do reach for a blush, opt for a cream blush that blends easily and looks natural (remember, the glittery eyes are the focus!) Finish everything off with a glossy lip, like this nourishing balm that has a lacquer finish! Set everything with this cult favorite vegan setting spray and get ready to sparkle and shine all night!


Glossy Lids w/ a Matte Lip

One of the coolest makeup trends right now is the glossy lid. What exactly does that mean? It’s pretty simple, tbh, but it packs a serious punch in terms of upping your holiday makeup game from meh to wow! Eye glosses are popping up in some major brands like Flesh Beauty and Milk Makeup, and they help take your eye makeup to new, shiny levels.

The best thing about eye glosses is that they can be worn alone or over eyeshadow! It’s really your preference, but for this look, we’re going for just eye gloss alone! After prepping your skin, apply your foundation base. Allow your face makeup to fully set before you go in with your eye gloss! The Fleshpot eye and cheek gloss from Flesh Beauty is the perfect intro to eye gloss because it has a pretty, subtle peach color that allows it to shine on it’s own. Simply swipe a layer over your lids and voila, your eyeshadow is done in under 15 seconds! You can also use it on your cheeks for a dewy highlight, or you can go in with that cream blush again! Finish off the look with a berry or bordeaux colored matte lip to offset the glossiness. It’s a fun departure from traditional eyeshadow looks and it requires so little blending that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner! Also, pro tip: if you’re nervous or skeptical about using a product like this on your eyes, you can also opt for coconut oil, which has the same glossy effect and is 100% natural and non-toxic!



Upside Down Braid Bun

Buns and braid and curls, oh my! This hairstyle will take all of 20 minutes to master but it’ll look like it took you all day. It’s the best of all worlds: a braid, a big bun, and curly tendrils to tie it all together!


Zen Indian shows us how it’s done! (style starts @ 3:19)


Twisted Pin-Up

This is my go-to ~fancy~ hairstyle and I always like to include a hair accessory like a sparkly headband to add a little flair. You can incorporate braids and flat twists in this style, adding dimension and making it look like it took way longer to do than it actually did!

Carib Beauty shows us how!


High Bun with Curly Bangs

Play up texture and have a little fun with those shorter layers by using a curling wand to style your bangs. Neatness isn’t a priority with this style and messy buns are always more fun anyway! Add a pair of fun, dangly earrings to tie the whole look together!

Naturally Sunny shows us how!








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