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Meet Amber Ansah

One of our fav beauty girls! Amber is a natural hair vlogger who creates videos that make you wanna do wash day. 

We all know the importance of protein-moisture balance in a solid hair routine--it's the key to length retention and healthy strands. Amber Ansah's got this formula down! Check out how she customizes the Transitional Hair Mask for super moisturized hair.



henna to strengthen

avocado to soften dry hair

marshmallow root for slip and protection against breakage

cinnamon to stimulate hair growth

honey to lock in moisture

How She Uses It 

While you can use Belle Bar hair masks with a fresh ingredient, like Ari's routine, Amber takes a similar approach to Jeanette and pairs the Transitional Mask with her favorite store bought deep conditioner.

On freshly washed hair, Amber sections her hair and applies the mask to each section thoroughly.

She twists each section as she goes and covers her hair with a plastic cap when finished to let the mask soak in and deeply moisturize her hair.

She applies heat to her hair with a blowdryer to open up the hair cuticle and intensify the mask. She then chills in the mask for one hour.

When she's done, Amber rinses out the mask and is left with super defined, super hydrated hair. Time to style as usual and she's good to go!

We have recently relaunched our custom products, our Transitional Hair Mask is no longer available.. Try our Custom Volume & Thickness Ginger Hair Mask instead. It's perfect for hydrating and thickening hair. 


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The Streets Are Talkin


Dorian Hammer says...

"I️ ordered the sample packet and followed the directions. I️ whipped it with a nonexpensive conditioner something that’s good but nothing fancy and kept it on my hair overnight. When washed out my hair was so soft and 6days later it still is shiny and touchable. Right now I’m wearing just loose twist and take them down in the morning and my hair is looking and feeling great. I️ use quality products but this just added another level. When it’s time for deep conditioning I’m definitely adding this to my regimen :)"



Check out Amber's all natural skin care routine!





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