Avocado & Egg Face Mask for Oily Skin | A Girl's Guide

By Ari Edwards


Beauty from Your Kitchen

5 ingredients or less


If you've kept up with Beauty School this week, you know that we've been giving you all the gorgeous avocado content you heart desires. I decided to try out one of the DIY masks we recommended on Wednesday to see if my recently oily skin would balance out, and luckily, I had success!


How to make it 

Here's what you'll need: 

one avocado
one egg

    What to do:

    1. This mask is incredibly easy to make. I chose to use a blender, pouring my egg and avocado into the blender and mixing for literally two seconds. 
    2. Apply this mask to clean skin and let sit for twenty minutes. You'll notice the mask start to harden after a while, and that's when you know it's ready to go!
    3. Rinse with warm water and follow up Eden Balancing Serum for moisture.

    How it worked:

    After rinsing off this mask my skin felt super smooth and looked incredibly even. And honestly, my skin felt so balanced after this mask that I didn't even feel like I needed to moisturize! Crazy, huh? Avocados have lots healthy fats, which is probably why skin felt so hydrated and supple. This didn't stop me from applying my favorite serum--Eden--to ensure that my skin was balanced and moisturized. Once the serum soaked into my skin my face literally felt like velvet.

    I'm definitely going to incorporate this mask into my fall routine for when my skin needs a boost; the egg whites in it have proteins that tighten pores and fight aging and the avocado is hydrating, which is perfect for the lowering temperatures. 

    Let us know if you try this mask! Use #MyBelleBarRitual to tag us on Instagram!






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