Building a Regimen Pt. 2 | All About Ayurveda

Building a Regimen Pt. 2 | All About Ayurveda
By Ari Edwards


 Earlier this week we went over the first three steps to a complete Ayurvedic hair care regimen: the pre-poo, massaging, and cleansing. Today we finish up the routine with the final steps!

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Look at all of Julia's progress!

"I really am sooo glad I joined this challenge, don't have a pic from 1 feb tho (my hair really grows slow normally) but this is the growth I've seen so far and I've had a mini chop on my ends for the challenge . Pretty amazing riight?"
Let's get into the regimen.

Step 4: Gloss

The Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar Henna Hair Gloss Mask is an incredible treatment for the hair. Henna adds structure to the hair by filling in weak gaps in the hair cuticle. Going in with a henna mask alone can be a lot for the hair to handle, so this recipe is considered a henna gloss--meaning it includes other ingredients to add balance, but henna is the star of the show. The glosses are formulated to be strengthening and moisturizing treatments all in one! This henna gloss features marshmallow root for slip, green tea to stimulate hair growth and avocado oil to hydrate the hair.


  • First off, it helps to mix the Henna Gloss with a bit of water or aloe vera juice-- and press out all of the lumps--before mixing with another ingredient. This helps the mask and added ingredient blend well together. 


  • On the weeks you don't use the Rhassoul Cleanser (remember, CP recommends not to use them both in the same week), mix 1-3 teaspoons of the gloss with your favorite deep conditioner or fresh ingredient--like avocado, banana or yogurt. 


  • CP uses the Henna Gloss with a store bought deep conditioner. She applies the mask generously to her hair in sections and twists as she goes. Let the Gloss sit for at least one hour. Rinse with warm water. *We recommend co-washing after to ensure that all of the gloss is out of your hair before styling.


  Benefits and Ingredients of the Henna Hair Gloss

Henna: mends the hair cuticle and adds serious shine

Marshmallow Root: deeply moisturizes, provides slip and prevents breakage

Avocado Oil: hydrates the hair

Green Tea: stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss

Apple Cider Vinegar: rids split ends and combats tangles


For the full ingredient list, head over to the site


 If you like DIYS, check this out.

Alternative: Full Henna Mask

 Often people wonder what the difference is between a henna gloss and henna mask, and which to choose. When it comes down to it, henna glosses are much more beginner friendly than henna masks. As we discussed, a henna gloss includes other ingredients and is paired with a fresh ingredient or conditioner. This means that the amount of henna used is in much smaller quantities than in a mask, and because it's paired with other ingredients, the moisture component is already there.

With a henna mask, the ingredients are simply henna and water (or aloe ver juice, something to form a paste), so the strengthening effects of the henna are much more intense, meaning after the henna mask, you must follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. This process is a lot longer than using a gloss. Also, you must be super careful with your hair while using a henna mask; since it's so strong you don't want to manipulate your hair carelessly, this could cause it to break. If you are experienced with henna and feel comfortable, definitely try a full mask! Your hair will be super defined and mega strong.


Here are some awesome henna mask DIYS for the more seasoned folks.



Step 5: Protective Styling During the Week

Green Tea Rinse 

To add strength and moisture to her hair during the week, Curly Proverbz applies the Green Tea Rinse to her hair and scalp. Green tea is great for boosting hair growth, but this rinse also has lavender, black tea, and chamomile--all great for increased thickness and moisture. You can use it as a rinse treatment, or how Curly Proverbz does it:


  • When CP has her hair in a protective style, like twists or braids, she can spray this rinse every day. While rocking a wash n go, CP advises spraying the rinse every other day, or up to three times per week. Don't forget the scalp! 


  • Be sure to follow up the rinse with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to maintain the perfect balance between strength and moisture. 


  • Protective styles cut down on manipulation of the hair. Over manipulating the hair--through constantly changing styles, using heat, etc.--can be too much for the strands and cause them to break if not adequately moisturized. Also, protective styles keep the ends of the hair up and away from the elements and drying fabrics in our clothes. This helps to retain length and ensure healthy hair. 


  Benefits and Ingredients of the Green Tea Rinse

Green Tea: boosts hair growth and prevents dry scalp

Lavender: balances oil production on the scalp and promotes growth

Black tea: increases thickness and reduces shedding

Calendula: restores hair strands and increases collagen production in hair follicles

Chamomile: natural moisturizer that promotes growth and adds shine


For the full ingredient list, check this out.




    Ladies and gentlemen, that is how you boost hair growth and health with Ayurvedic herbs and methods. Seems simple enough, right? It just takes a bit of effort and the right ingredients, and you're set. 

    If you try any of these products or methods and fall in love, show us your results! Tag us on social media using the hashtag #MyBelleBarRitual so we can see your amazing progress!



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    We all know Ayurvedic methods are great for hair care, check out how  Ayurvedic practices can better your physical health as well!







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