Cleansing and Treating 4c Hair | Everything to Know About 4c Hair pt.1

By Alexa Santory

This week in Beauty School, we talked all about caring for 4c hair, starting with co-washing, then clarifying, and finally deep conditioning and protein treatments. Let’s go over everything we talked about this week!

Sometimes you need to clarify.
  • Since we know that healthy hair starts on the scalp, clarifying the hair is a must. Product buildup could be holding your hair back from reaching its fully healthy potential. Buildup could leave your hair looking and feeling dull, brittle, and harder to manage. By clarifying, you're deep cleaning the hair and scalp, creating a healthier environment for the hair to grow and prosper without any interruptions.

 Take a gentle option.

  • Co-washing is your best friend and can keep your hair strong and moisturized throughout the week. Washing often with just conditioner can help keep the hair soft and strong. Always make sure to use conditioners that are free of all the bad stuff that won't let your hair breathe.
  • Deep conditioners and protein treatments are like spa days for your hair: very luxurious and entirely necessary every once in a while. Together, moisture intensive deep conditioners and vitamin rich protein treatments are going to restore your hair to a super healthy state. Adopting and keeping up with these treatments in your hair routine, you'll start to see a difference in your natural hair. All of these care habits will cultivate the softest, thickest, and strongest hair ever.
Application is key.
  • Don't be afraid of using these products generously when you're applying them. And always section your hair before applying, this makes application more precise and helps make detangling easier.
Be careful!
  • Stop using terry cloth towels on your hair! :)



Next we dive deep into styling 4c hair, an honest take on protective styles and more!


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Brittney says..
Love at First Touch my product reviews😃 
Initial and 1 week review: 

Hair type: 3c/4a hair 

Wash day: 
Cleansed hair/scalp with bentonite clay (mixed with ACV), Rinsed thoroughly. Mixed Chebe with HASK brand deep conditioner packet (ran out of my staple deep conditioner Flawless by Gabrielle Union) 
Let sit for an hour at least. Rinsed. Applied Paul Mitchell the 'Original' leave in conditioner, oiled scalp with Curly Proverbz hair growth oil and sealed hair with the Marrakesh Shine and Moisture Hair Butter. 

Chebe initial review: After rinsing out the Chebe and DC mixture my hair LITERALLY felt so strengthened. I've honestly never had a product make my hair feel THIS strong. 
After a week: Hair still feels strengthened, little to no shedding. Overall i love this product. From other reviews I've read on here of people using the Chebe the traditional way, I knew that wouldn't work for me bc of just how massively strong my hair felt after rinsing it out. Leaving it in for a few days i am afraid that it would just be too much. 

Marrakesh Hair Butter initial review: My hair immediately...and i mean immediately sucked this butta in! It was love at first Touch! This will definitely be a staple product (like many of them will be 😏) My curls were oh so poppin, felt very moisturized and shiny. 
After a week: As a protective style i wear my wig. Even after wearing my wig daily (take it off at night of course) my hair was still thriving with moiture! Another stable this will be! Love love love it. Im highly thinking this will replace my JBCO as a sealant"




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