What to Know About Combination Skin

By Ari Edwards
April 13, 2018



So far we’ve covered how to combat excessive sebum production and ways to boost and retain moisture levels. But what if you need both?


Navigating both worlds

Just as some people have multiple hair types on their head, it’s possible to have multiple skin types as well! Combination skin is typically classified by an oily t-zone (the central part of the face including forehead, nose and chin) with enlarged pores and normal to dry cheeks. Many things can cause combination skin, but ultimately your genes have the biggest say in the matter.

How to Deal

  • As suggested for dry skin, stick to a gentle cleanser free of sulfates and other harsh ingredients. Oil control doesn’t happen by stripping the skin. Honey cleansing is actually a great, gentle alternative to over the counter face washes.


We love this easy tutorial, see how honey cleansing works! 



  • As for toners, avoid products with alcohols that can dry out the face. Rosewater, alcohol-free witch hazel and ACV are great options.


  • When it comes to moisturizing combination skin, it can be hard to find a method that adequately hydrates the normal to dry areas while keeping pores on the oily areas clean and unclogged. Make sure you’re starting within. Drink lots of water and add foods with essential fatty acids, like salmon and walnuts. On the surface, opt for a rich but light product. Sweet almond oil is great and inexpensive, as well as grapeseed or Jojoba oil.


  • Try multi masking!!! You can use different face masks and different products on different parts of your face. Treat each area with the respect it deserves!


  • A few products are great for all kinds of skin. Try treating yourself with a gentle, moisturizing mask 2-3x a week. Niagara has got rice bran oil, buttermilk, and oatmeal--all great at keeping the skin moisturized, healthy and glowing.


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Pretty simple right? Tomorrow we're going over two skin types that are typically overlooked in this conversation: sensitive skin and aging skin. Stay with us!  



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