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By Ari Edwards



Getting Curious 

Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix's Queer Eye has an amazing podcast that I can not stop listening to! In each episode of Getting Curious, Jonathan has a thirty minute conversation with an expert on a topic he's curious about. The topics range from what's going in Israel, to how to apply ethics to real life, to discovering the Beyoncé of Renaissance art. He even interviews the guys of Queer Eye! 

Getting Curious is easily one of my new favorite podcasts. I binged pretty much every episode over a span of a few days, and I've learned quite a bit. If you love little baby Jonathan and you're curious about the world, listen to Getting Curious. 


Brother Vellies

This brand is...everything! Brother Vellies is a lifestyle brand, founded by Aurora James, that blends sustainability, style, and traditional African culture. They source pieces from artisans in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco, and focus on sustainable concepts and materials, like the use of vegetable dyes and recycling. They believe in creating a culture of slow fashion--focusing on items made from quality materials that will last--rather than feeding into the world of fast fashion and short-lived trends. They have gorgeous shoes and super unique bags. Oh, and if you don't follow them on Instagram, you should! I'm in love with their creative direction and styling. Keep up with their cool new projects and style inspo.


The Jungalow


You all know we love plants and other cute things around here. Meet your new favorite shop for all things planters, art and decor; The Jungalow has everything your little plant-loving, creative heart desires. They carry one-of-a-kind planters, beautiful prints by amazing artists, and gorgeous pieces for the home. It's so important to decorate your space with things that make you feel good! Check out The Jungalow and get inspired. 


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