DIY Detox for Combination Skin | #MyBelleBarRitual


Meet Ari

Role: Creative Director Assistant

Fav Quote: "Boy bye." 

Skintype: Combination

Biggest Skin Issues: Remembering to wash my face at night

Hair type: High density, low porosity, type 4

Biggest Hair Issues: Dryness! Maintaining moisture throughout the week is something I'm working to perfect.


I have combination skin and very few breakouts--usually just around that time of the month. I do a face mask 1-2 times per week to make sure everything stays under control. It really helps maintain my skin and prevent future issues, plus I've seen a huge improvement in the texture and overall look of my skin. 
Bollywood has been one of my favorite masks for a minute now, so I decided to switch it up and try something new! I really love what detoxifying masks do for my skin, so the Deep Detox Mask (aka Pure Detox Mask) is perfect! It makes my skin feel so smooth and look balanced--not too dry or too dewy/oily. I do this mask once a week when my skin seems congested or I feel like my skin needs a little boost. And if I do get a breakout, this bad boy clears it up within one day! What more could you ask for in a mask, honestly?


dead salt to unclog my pores
mango seed to help with blackheads
tomato to restore balance
beetroot for help with blemishes
honey to soothe 


    How to Use:

    1. Mix 1 teaspoon of the mask with a bit of water in the palm of your hand until you get a baby food consistency.
    2. Apply the mask to clean skin. Be generous!
    I let the mask sit for at least 20 minutes, more like 40 if I'm being honest. I usually do my masks at right before bed, so during this time I like to fill out my planner for the next day, catch up on YouTube, or sketch. Sometimes, when my skin is a little dull, I do a mask right before I go out! I feel like prepping the skin before makeup is key.
    3. Next I rinse the mask off with warm water and tone my skin with witch hazel to restore the pH. The witch hazel feels so nice and cooling after that rinse, plus it's gentle on my skin.
    4. I follow up with Eden to add some serious moisture to my skin and that's it! It takes about ten minutes for the product to fully soak into my skin and after that, my skin feels baby soft. 

    Recommended Product

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    Sameeha says...
    "This mask helped my acne a lot and I seen the results. My results consisted of my skin getting brighter and clearer. I added Yogurt and Coconut Oil to my face mask. I'm very pleased with this company because the products are an example of a little amount can go a long way. I highly recommend this Face Mask."
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