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Role: Creative Director Assistant

Fav Quote: "Boy bye." 

Skintype: Combination

Biggest Skin Issues: Remembering to wash my face at night

Hair type: High density, low porosity, type 4

Biggest Hair Issues: Dryness! Maintaining moisture throughout the week is something I'm working to perfect.


I've been on my natural hair journey for about eight years now, and let me tell's definitely had its ups and downs. Only within the last few years have I come to really understand my hair and nail a solid routine.
A couple of weeks ago in Beauty School we talked all about the benefits of henna and cassia, and I've tried both. Personally, my hair is sort of eh with henna, but absolutely loves cassia--it makes my curls pop and adds so much strength. Including ayuervedic herbs in my routine has done wonders for my hair, so when I went to customize the Regenerating Hair Mask, I knew I had to include cassia. I wanted this mask to be the ultimate nourishing mask (I deep condition every week, altering between strengthening masks and hydrating masks each week), so I chose ingredients that will provide support and structure to the hair as well as moisture.


cassia for strength and shine
marshmallow root for major slip
Jamaican black castor oil for moisture
vitmain C to help with shedding
amla for strength


    How to Use:

    1. Mix 1-3 teaspoons of the mask with a bit of water. When you add either conditioner or a fresh ingredient to the mask, it will be much easier to combine the two.
    2. Add your favorite deep conditioner or a fresh ingredient. I usually stick with a banana (sometimes I'll go for an avocado) because bananas are super moisturizing and elongate the hair. My hair loves it.
    3. Start on freshly washed hair. Divide the hair into workable sections and apply the mask. I like to start with the ends and focus the product there since the ends are the oldest and usually most dry parts of the hair. Then work your way up the hair shaft. Repeat on each section until your whole head is covered in the mask. Cover the hair with a plastic cap or bag. 
    4. Now it's time to chill---or do whatever you need to do! I usually let my mask sit in my hair for hours while I work, paint, run errands, or whatever I need to do that day. If I need to go out while the mask is in my hair I just wrap a scarf around my head (on top of the plastic bag) and call it a day! 
    5. Time to rinse. While rinsing out the mask I make sure to do so with warm water since my hair is low porosity, meaning I need heat to open up the cuticle and let moisture in, and I know I'll be following up with moisturizing products.
    6. Once everything is rinsed out I apply the Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar Green Tea Rinse to my hair in sections and follow up with a leave in conditioner. The tea ensures that my hair will have strength for the week, plus I get moisture from the leave in. (Check out why balance is so important to hair growth!) 
    7. Then I style like normal! I braid my hair on wash days and leave the braids in for anywhere from 3-5 days before taking them out. For one, this cuts down on manipulation, which helps with breakage. Protective styles have really helped me retain length over the years. Plus, keeping my hair in braids means I don't have to worry about my hair throughout the week, which is a huge bonus! 

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    Rebekah M. says...
    "I was hesitant at first to try this- especially after putting it on (honey in my hair????) BUT THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE. put any skepticism aside! My hair was growing!!!!! so excited to get some more goodies :)"



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