Don't Dry Out This Fall: How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized During the Cold Months

By Alexa Santory


Raise your hand if your skin dries out like crazy during the colder months! Raise your hand if you’ve experienced alligator skin the minute the temperature dips below 40 degrees! Listen, you’re not alone.

Transitioning weather can have a serious impact on the moisture levels of our skin. We also tend to neglect the skin on our body and just let it rock in all its ashy glory. If you’re sick of being itchy and flaky because the cold air has sucked all the moisture from your skin, we got you with some of our favorite tips on how to get it baby soft this fall!

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Keeping the Moisture In Your Skin

So the temperature has only just dropped and your skin is already drier than a Popeyes biscuit and you’re probably wondering what the heck to do now. It’s a much more common problem than you think, especially if you’ve been given the strange gift of combination skin. Personally, I’m an absolute grease ball at any temperature above 65 and drier than the Sahara below 40, so it’s a seasonal battle to get my skin to Here are some of our top tips to keep your skin moisturized through the colder months!


Strike a balance!

The most important aspect of keeping skin moisturized in colder weather is learning to find a balance. That is, you wanna avoid products that dry out your skin too much and you definitely want to use products that moisturize deeply, like serums. Balancing out the pH of your skin will ensure that your skin will look and feel healthy and moisturized this fall! I find that the best way to strike this elusive balance is by toning the skin, and finding the right toner depends on your skin type. Is your skin relatively normal, that is it’s not super dry or oily and you only experience regular breakouts? Keep it simple with witch hazel, a do-everything toner that balances all skin types. Are you more prone to breakouts or do you have skin that falls into one extreme? Try something a little more intense, like a toner with glycolic acid or AHA. These will unclog your pores, restore moisture to your skin, and help keep it balanced and clear.

Avoid super hot water

Hello, my name is Alexa and I am addicted to taking hot showers. I know they dry out your skin like nobody's business, but have you ever stepped out of your shower on a cold day and wished you could just stay under the warm water instead? Getting into a hot shower on a chilly day is, without a doubt, top 10 best feelings in the universe. BUT, on all parts of your body, especially those most often exposed to the elements, hot water is only going to dry out your skin even more. High water temps keep the pores open and allow moisture to escape more easily. Even if you don’t experience dry skin in colder weather, try to avoid using hot water as much as you can. Lukewarm water is the way to go, and if you’re washing your face, top it all off with ice cold water to shock the pores and lock moisture in!

Invest in a humidifier

Believe it or not, but your skin will truly start to miss that humid, summer air we complained about for three straight months. Humidity is, for lack of better term, what keeps our skin alive. Humidifiers are amazing little devices that allow us to get that balmy air our skin craves right in our rooms! They’ve been shown to reduce your skins dryness and help ease itchiness caused by said dryness. Humidifiers also keep you healthier through the colder months! Viruses have a harder time traveling through moist air, so it can reduce your chances of getting colds or even the flu. Humidifiers also help moisten your sinuses, which tend to dry out when it’s colder, which can also help improve sleep and reduce snoring. All in all, I’d say they’re a pretty great investment for your whole body!

Butters and lotions and oils! Oh My!

I am a firm believer in the power of lotioning your body down after a shower all year round, but most importantly in the colder months. Your pores are nice and open right after a shower, so slathering your body in lotion or oil or some type of butter (we stan all three!!) will give your skin all the best benefits!

Our top 3 favorite skin moisturizers!

Shea butter: So not only does this stuff smell amazing, it has a ton of benefits for your skin and your hair! Shea butter is full of skin healthy vitamins and fatty acids that deeply moisturize even the driest skin. It’s got anti-aging benefits, including antioxidants that fight free radical damage and help restore the skin’s elasticity. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but shea butter has also been found to reduce the appearance of stretch marks! This stuff is great because a little goes a long way, plus you can buy it in bulk for super cheap!

Cocoa butter: My absolute fave, my holy grail! Cocoa butter is the fat source that gives chocolate its irresistible texture. Like shea butter, it’s packed with fatty acids our skin loves! Cocoa butter fights hard against dryness and prevents the skin from peeling. It also has polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that prevents early signs of aging! Since colder air tends to irritate pre-existing skin conditions like rashes, rosacea, and eczema, cocoa butter might be the answer to your problems -- it’s known to soothe these skin ailments without expensive topical hormone creams!

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a miraculous little plant that can heal just about any issue your skin might face. It’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and it has anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin soothed and even through the frigid weather. Aloe has been shown to reduce dryness all over the body and it’s also a super effective acne treatment! You can even add aloe vera to some shea butter to make your own aloe butter and double up on the benefits!


Mask like your life depends on it!

Masks are an excellent way to provide your skin with some intense, lasting moisture. We recommend masks that are full of humectants, aka moisture magnets, like honey, egg whites, aloe, or hyaluronic acid. Masks that contain ingredients like this are going to provide your skin with a super high amount of moisture because that’s their job! You can DIY your own honey mask by mixing raw honey, avocado, and yogurt for deep moisture. If DIY isn’t quite your thing, we sell a hydration mask that uses goat milk, coconut oil, oatmeal, and honey to soothe and hydrate even the driest skin. The best part?? It’s on sale!!


Keeping your skin baby soft when the temps drop to unreasonably cold levels isn’t impossible! You can achieve the softest, most hydrated skin ever with just a few hydrating tweaks to your routine!


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