Don't Settle | Secrets and Lessons

Allie and her mom, Carol


My mom and I are really close. Not only do we talk almost everyday but we share many things in common; books, gardening, cooking good food, drinking wine and learning new things. I am always in awe of how talented she is and how independent and strong she is. I always look forward to our next adventure together!



What’s your biggest beauty mistake? (an era of bad makeup, not washing your face at night when you were young etc.)
My biggest beauty mistake was thrust on me - my skin. It is Northern European and susceptible to everything bad. In my late teens I was a lifeguard and I wore a huge brimmed hat, but baby oil just didn’t cut it for skin protection.  I started using sunscreen way too late in life. That said, I started using it the minute it was invented. I started a skin care regime in my 20’s which I continue today.

Favorite beauty tip/secret?
I have no beauty tip or secret but I like the effects of a facial. I would mostly just say a tip is to start taking care of your skin young.
What’s your current beauty routine? What makes you feel beautiful?
I clean my face nightly with a facial cleanser, and moisturize.  I used to use eye serums etc., but gave it up. I cleanse my face in the morning and apply moisturizer with sunscreen.  If I am going out, I reapply sun screen moisturizer, the dermatologist recommends 50 on my face which I only use if working in the garden or golfing.  


What’s been the best/most memorable time in your life?
The most memorable time in my life was without a doubt the year I spent in France, going to school, hanging out with friends, studying and traveling. Total freedom. (I did not do any skin care regime while I was there, by the way.)   The other favorite time was when my daughters were little and we traveled as a family. We went a lot of cool places including a rustic cabin in the woods. 
Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Wish someone had told me years ago to not do what I was expected to do but to follow my dreams. 

If you could talk to your twenty-something y/o self, what would you tell her?
Advice to my twenty something would be exactly the same as above and not to settle for what you do not want.


Have you been in love? What has it taught you?
I had loving parents who loved each other and loved us equally until the day they died.  I never realized how lucky I was until later in life. This is my goal as well. 

How do you show someone you love them?
I believe that you think of the person you love and consider his or her happiness to be paramount.

If you could give me one lesson in love, what would it be?
I would caution you to not lose yourself. Don’t become the other person and don’t do everything for him/her if he does not consider you his number one.


What does self care look like to you? 
I have not been good at that over the years and with more time on my hands I have actually started trying to try to remedy this. 

How do you make time to tend to yourself?
I actually got a pedicure a few weeks ago for the first time on my own and have started doing masks on my hands to help with my psoriasis.



Tomorrow we sit down with Annette Bell, the Belle Bar Mom and one of the founders of the brand! 

In the mean time, get into the wisdom Jeanette and Ari's mothers shared earlier this week. So inspiring! 






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