Face Mapping, Gut Health, and What Your Insides Are Telling You: A Recap

Face Mapping, Gut Health, and What Your Insides Are Telling You: A Recap
By Alexa Santory


This week in Beauty School, we dove deep into the world of Ayurvedic face mapping and how issues with your insides have a way of making themselves known on different parts of your face. Gut health plays a massive role in the clarity and texture of your skin, and an unbalanced gut can often lead to some serious spots on your face. But making small changes to your diet could help restore and balance your gut and your skin. Let’s go over some key points we learned this week.


  • Every region of your face is connected to an organ or system inside your body. When things are out of whack inside, it will most likely show up on your face. Face mapping is a really useful tool to keeping track of breakouts and what steps to take to restore the balance inside while doing the work to keep it clean outside.


  • Sometimes breakouts are simply a result of hormones or genetics. But there's a lot of science and research going into the idea that gut health and skin health go hand in hand.


  • Bacteria in our body outnumber cells 10 to 1. That's a lot of bacteria, y'all!! And most of it is in our tummies because we need them to break down our food. Bad bacteria overgrowth can be because of poor sleeping habits, stress, and diet. Balance inside is necessary, and too much bad bacteria can result in tummy issues like leaky gut syndrome and SIBO, which cause inflammation inside and outside.


  • Try to avoid certain foods for a bit. No need to deprive yourself, but everything in moderation. A lot of the yummier, more indulgent foods we enjoy could be messing with your digestive system and your skin. Introduce more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and please don't drink dairy milk anymore. It doesn't do much for our bodies besides expose us to extra hormones we shouldn't be consuming.


  • Don't be afraid of probiotics! They already exist in our bodies, so do yourself a favor and get some good bacteria back in your system. Whether it's in supplement form, like a pill or liquid vitamins, or in food form, like yogurt or kimchi. Your skin and tummy will thank you for it.


  • Kombucha is a centuries old miracle beverage (I like to call it an elixir because it's almost magical what it can do for our bodies) that has a ton of probiotics. And as we’ve learned, if it's good for your tummy, it's probably good for your skin. It's a natural way to keep the body’s good bacteria levels on track, while also flushing out some of the bad stuff.

 and just one more time...

Medical Disclaimer: First thing's first please keep in mind we are not medical professionals. Please consult your doctor before making any and all changes to your diet, taking supplements, etc...

Here at Belle Bar, we believe health should be a holistic practice. Everything you do to your body affects it as a whole; be mindful and create holistically healthy habits. Even your skin will thank you.


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