Feel Beautiful at Any Age: Essential Beauty Tips for Every Stage of Life

By Alexa Santory


Aging is beautiful thing. In the age of social media and the push for women to look older when they’re younger and younger when they’re older, this message tends to get lost. I’m a big advocate for looking and feeling good at every stage of your life, whether it’s your tumultuous 20s or your settled down 60s, getting older doesn't mean you have to look your age. So have a little fun and read some of our top tips for looking good at any age because, let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good!

I know that our 20s can be an extension of our teens in terms of self-expression. For some of us, it’s our last hoorah before the unequivocal seriousness of our 30s. Being in my 20s myself and being surrounded by people my age, we’re all doing stuff to our appearance that hopefully won’t haunt us later in life, like bleaching our hair, getting wild tattoos, and falling asleep in our makeup. Here are some tips to taking care of your hair and skin in your 20s!

Don’t sleep in your makeup. I am the queen of taking off my makeup and doing my full skincare routine while full intoxicated. If I can do it, so can you. Even if it’s just swiping a makeup remover wipe over your face, please don’t fall asleep in your makeup. Makeup holds on to free radicals that can break down the collagen in our skin and lead to early signs of aging. Eye makeup can get into your eyes and lead to irritation, plus any foundation left on overnight can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. So please, don’t sleep with your makeup on. Your skin will thank you tenfold.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate! Want your skin to glow? Exfoliate! Wanna get rid of acne scars? Exfoliate! Wanna beat stubborn acne? Exfoliate! Don’t skimp on it! Exfoliation is important at every age, but it’s great to establish a good routine early. And I’m not just talking about on your face, but your body too! Exfoliation is gonna help slough off dead skin, stimulate blood flow, and improve your skin’s overall appearance and texture. Whether it’s physical or chemical, make exfoliation a key part of your daily skin care routine!

Diet and exercise are important, too! What we put in our bodies tends to show up on our faces. This is why being more mindful of our diets at this age is so important. Sure, our metabolisms are faster in our 20s, giving us the advantage of being able to eat more of what’s bad for us with little consequence. I’m not telling you to give up the foods you love completely, but moderation is key. Staying active increases the blood flow throughout your body and helps to flush out toxins, which could lead to brighter, clearer skin. Women sometimes still deal with acne well into their 20s. Being consistent with a skincare routine that works for you, plus a balanced diet (and gut!) can help keep your skin clear as you age! Also, drink water. :)

Build a strong relationship with yourself. People come and go -- this is something I’m learning in my 20s. Those who are meant for you will stick around. I know that forming attachments and bonds, only to end up losing them, is difficult but as long as you have a strong foundational relationship with you, you’ll soon realize that it’s okay to lose things. Be your own best friend. It’s the only lifelong partnership that you are in total control of. Learn yourself, be yourself, and love yourself. Everything will fall into place.



You’re starting to get the hang of this adulting thing in your 30s. Yeah, there’s probably much more on your plate now, stress is piling up, and it’s time to get serious about certain vices. Your 30s can be a really beautiful transitional period. Let’s get into some of our favorite tips for looking your best in your 30s!

Stop picking at your skin, once and for all. If you’re still experiencing acne or breakouts in your 30s, leave them alone! Don’t touch them! Let them go away on their own. As you get older, your skin in more prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation. Picking at pimples will only make this worse, so please chill on the popping. My mom, who’s older than 30 but still gets the occasional blackhead, loves to pick at them. I know it’s satisfying, but I’ve seen them leave some intense marks. Focus on cleansing and exfoliating with an AHA exfoliator. It’ll help fade the scar and brighten the skin overall.


Start using a retinol. Vitamin A is key to keeping your skin looking great. It helps rebuild collagen, reduce fine lines, fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and it brightens the skin. This is a must have in your skincare routine in your 30s. Try looking for products that contain retinol, or if you’re going non-toxic (which you should!), try using rosehip oil, squalane, or vitamin B3. These all provide similar benefits without any synthetics!


Focus on deep conditioning. Your hair ages as you age. That means less moisture, less shine, and less volume. Give your hair the moisture it needs by taking deep conditioning more seriously. Try to a hair mask at least once a week and look for ingredients that will benefit your hairs specific issues. We have a pretty bomb selection ourselves. Like Waikiki, for restoring damaged hair. Or our customizable Avocado mask for intense moisture. And if thinning is a problem, try our customizable Ginger mask for growth and thickness!


Get some antioxidants in your life. Whether you’re eating them or putting them on your skin, we need them! Now that you’re older and your skin has been exposed to the elements for longer, it’s probably starting to show on your skin. Antioxidants create a natural barrier for the skin against damaging free radicals. Things like pollution, extreme changes in weather, and certain foods you eat can all cause free radical damage. Try using more products that contain antioxidants, or eat more antioxidant rich foods!

Meditate. A helpful and fulfilling practice at any age tbh. We know your 30s are when stuff really starts to get real. You’re probably more established in your career, maybe you’re starting a family, or planning to get married, or maybe you’re not doing any of those things and that’s okay too! Your 30s have a much larger sense of urgency surrounding them, so ground and center yourself with guided meditation. It’ll soothe your soul, calm a nervous mind, and revitalize you to go about your daily life with greater ease.

By this point in your life, things are much more serious. Your focus has changed a lot and so has your skin and hair. Everything you did in your 20s and 30s still applies, just kicked up a few notches. Here are a few more tips for beauty in your 40s!

Adopt a more pared down makeup routine. Makeup can make you look amazing at any age! What’s important is adjusting your products to match the changes in your skin. Certain foundations, powders, even colors may not suit you anymore. Honestly the wrong foundation formula can make you look older. Find products that are breathable and add something helpful to your skin. Like powders and blushes that are naturally pigmented, or foundations that allow your skin to breath. Creamy formulas are the way to go and, tbh, cream blush has been where it's at anyway.  Also, red lipstick is a must at any age.


Take more supplements. Vitamins, teas, powders, probiotics -- whatever method your choose; make sure you’re getting a healthy dosage of skin and hair friendly supplements. Collagen supplements are gonna help restore your skin’s elasticity, while probiotics will help balance out your gut (and your skin!). Biotin supplements keep your hair and nails strong and healthy, and green tea is excellent for detoxing. Getting more of the good stuff into our bodies is super important, especially as we get older. It’ll help you feel just as good as you’ll look!


Cover your greys...naturally. Chances are, you’re starting to show a few grey hairs here and there. Ahh such a right of passage. If it’s just not your style though, dye your hair! Naturally! Using henna to dye your hair is a healthier, non-toxic alternative to damaging chemical dyes. This is an excellent alternative to chemical dyes because its non irritating, so it won’t leave your scalp feeling vulnerable. It also helps prevent hair loss, conditions the hair, and adds shine!

Drink more red wine. It’s full of antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy and your skin strong and protected. Red wine is packed with antioxidants, specifically polyphenols, which help fight aging. Before you go crazy Wine Mom, it’s important not to overdo it, since drinking as some pretty adverse effects on our skin as we get older. One glass a day should do the trick.

Cut back on processed foods. They’re going to have more adverse effects on your body as you get older anyway, so might as well cut them back or cut them out completely. Opt for baked over fried, fruits and veggies over desserts and chips, water over any other drink. You’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll feel better overall.

By this point, you’re probably experiencing or have already gone through one of the most significant changes the female body experiences: menopause. It’s been a journey and you probably look a little different, but hey, it’s life! Keep taking good care of yourself with our beauty tips for your 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Stay out of the sun. Don’t avoid it completely, but definitely make sure SPF and other sun protection is used consistently. Tanning, especially tanning booths, are not it anymore. If you’re on vacation, I won’t knock you for wanting to get a little color. Just be more diligent about applying sunscreen. Sun damage is the biggest cause of major skin issues like dryness, wrinkles, and spots. Prevent it and reverse it by using sun protection as often as possible.

Opt for dewy over matte. If you’re wearing makeup, avoid any products that are going to mattify your skin. Dewiness is your new go-to. Collagen production in our skin has dropped significantly, and your skin may be drier than it was a few years ago. Powder formulas are only gonna fall into all the crevices, so liquid formulas should become a staple now. Try using more glosses and balms on your lips too, since matte lipsticks tend to feather!

Moisturize. In any and every possible way, moisturize your entire body everyday. It’ll improve your skin’s texture, relieve dryness, and add a youthful glow all over your body. Facial moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are key now, since they help the skin absorb and retain more moisture. Try incorporating more vitamin E, too. Natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are all fast absorbing and intensely moisturizing, with excellent skin supporting benefits and fats! Moisturize your neck and your hands!

Take care of your teeth! This honestly applies for every age, but now that you’re older, there’s the whole denture thing. *shrug* It’s normal, and very common, so if it does happen, don’t feel embarrassed. Make dentist visits a regular thing, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss regularly. Keep your teeth strong by cutting back on acidic foods and drinks like coffee, wine, and chocolate. I know, the three most delicious things in the world are bad for our teeth. Such dramatic irony.

Learn and accept your womanhood. By this point, you’ve experienced puberty, your tumultuous 20s, a career, pregnancy, and most likely menopause. Phew...that’s a lot of changes. Lean into these changes and accept what it means to be a woman now, in this new space that’s so different from the others. You’ve been through so much you probably didn’t think you’d make it through and now here you are, fully matured and stronger than ever. Practice gratitude every single day. Womanhood is multifaceted, purposeful, and beautiful at every stage.


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