Fun Pink DIY Hair Products to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness

By Alexa Santory


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to kick off the occasion with a celebration of all things pink! The color of my youth, the color of millennials, the color of divine femininity. As an organic beauty brand, we look to promote beauty knowledge as much as we look to spread awareness. Given the heaviness a month like this can bear, we wanted to keep it light and fun to start the month off on a positive note! Keep reading to find out some of our favorite hair DIY’s this month. Spoiler alert: they’re all pink!

        Here at Belle Bar, we understand the importance of a good tea rinse. Tea leaves provide our hair with some awesome benefits that strengthen and restore the hair from the inside. We also know how amazing hibiscus is in what it can do for our hair. We even made it the star of our bestselling Waikiki Mask! Let’s not forget about the multi-faceted miracle that is apple cider vinegar. We came across this hair rinse recipe you can do at home!

What you’ll need:

16 oz. of apple cider vinegar
4 bags of hibiscus tea
4 bags of horsetail tea
A few drops of your favorite essential oil (for scent or an extra boost)

How to make it:

In a jar, steep your tea bags in the apple cider vinegar and add your essential oils. Put the lid on the jar then set the mixture near a window, or anywhere it can get some sun. Gently shake it everyday for a week. In a spray bottle or cup, add 1 tablespoon of the rinse to 4 oz. of water and spritz it all over your hair. Comb the rinse through to make sure each strand is covered, and leave it on for 2 minutes, or even longer to reap more benefits. Thoroughly rinse, condition, and style your hair as usual. Keep the mixture for future rinses!

Why we love it:

Apple cider vinegar and hibiscus. Need we say more? Apple cider vinegar is a bonafide hair savior. Think of it as nature’s clarifying shampoo. Buildup from products can weigh the hair down, making it look dull and lifeless. ACV steps in to add shine, break down gunk, and restore the balance of the scalp. It’s antifungal too, so if dandruff is a problem for you (especially in the upcoming colder months), this rinse might be the answer.

Hibiscus is full of hair healthy amino acids and vitamins A and C, both of which boost collagen production, making this a great ingredient for stimulating hair growth. We love it because it keeps the hair healthy and strong from the root. It’s a great option if you have damaged of color treated hair too, because of it restoration abilities. Hibiscus also gently cleanses the hair without harmful stripping.

Horsetail tea is the standout ingredient here. It’s not your typical English breakfast, that’s for sure. Horsetail tea was used for medicinal purposes for centuries by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s an anti-everything: antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, making it excellent for healing. Plus it has silica; a compound commonly found in quartz, that helps regenerate our skin and hair. Horsetail tea is there to provide some heavy-duty strength to the hair.

Finally, adding an essential oil is a cool way to help with targeted issues like hair growth or damage repair. Check out our guide on our favorite essential oils for all of your hair needs.

This bright pink fruit is great for more than just smoothie bowls. It’s an amazing natural way to reverse damage caused by chemicals and heat. Find out how to make it!

What you’ll need:

1 whole dragon fruit

How to make it:

All you have to do is blend the meat of the dragon fruit and apply it from root to tip. Make sure to massage your scalp too! Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Why we love it:

Dragon fruit, aka pitaya, are an odd little, alienesque fruit. They’re bright fuchsia on the outside, with a leathery skin, and white or fuchsia inside with tiny black dots speckled throughout. I saw someone pull one of these bad boys out on the train! It was the weirdest thing but they’re so good for you. They have a ton of magnesium and vitamins C and A, two necessary hair vitamins. They have lots of antioxidants and a small amount of monounsaturated fats, which as we know, are very good for our skin and hair. They’re full of fiber, help balance out your gut, and boost your immune system. Pretty cool all around, I’d say. This mask is particularly good for those of us dealing with damaged hair, especially chemical damage. Frequent dyeing will leave the hair feeling dry and looking dull. The nutrients, fats, and antioxidants in dragon fruit will help reverse the damage over time.

Roses are known for being super soothing, while coconut oil is the holy grail hair oil for almost everyone I know. This mask is awesome for easing frizziness and leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

What you’ll need:

½ cup of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of rosewater (store bought is okay)
½ cup of fresh rose petals

How to make it:

In a pot, bring the coconut oil, rosewater, and rose petals to a boil for three minutes. Let it cool down completely, then strain the petals and massage the mixture into dry hair. Make sure the massage the scalp to stimulate your hair follicles. Wrap the hair in the plastic cap for 20 minutes then rinse it out with warm, then cool, water.

Why we love it:

Roses have excellent soothing properties. It’s a gentle astringent that helps balance the pH of the scalp, contributing to overall hair health. Rosewater is full of hair healthy vitamins like vitamin A, B3, C, D, and E, which help condition and add moisture to the hair. You’re probably wondering why the petals are necessary. The essential oils from rose are extracted through heat, so boiling the petals in the coconut oil allows some essential nutrients to seep out, adding an extra layer of protection and healing to this mask. Coconut oil is a great carrier for the roses and has a special place in the hearts of beauty junkies everywhere. It’s extremely multifaceted, and provides the hair with deep hydration, split end repair, and some intense shine. Overall, this mask is great for those of us experiencing frizz due to damage. The rose and coconut combination is sure to calm your hair down from the root and help reverse some damage in the process.

These are some of our favorite pink DIY’s to try this month! What are some of yours?


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