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 Our Girl, CurlyProverbz

Many of you may be familiar with our girl CurlyProverbz--you know, the badass UK vlogger with incredible curls? She's got an awesome green tea recipe that will do wonders for your hair. Including tea in your hair care routine is still uncharted territory for many; it's not exactly common practice on our side of the globe. Teas have amazing benefits for the hair, especially when it comes to strengthening properties! 
Check out how CurlyProverbz uses her Green Tea Rinse throughout the week to nourish her hair and encourage length retention.

What's In It

green tea to boost hair growth + prevent dry scalp
lavender to balance natural oil production on scalp
+ strengthen new hair growth
black tea to increase  thickness of hair + stimulate hair
growth and more!
calendula to moisturize and restore strands + increase collagen production and circulation in hair follicles
chamomile-  a natural moisturizer that promotes growth and soothes/rids dry scalp/conditions + adds shine/brighten hair natural hair color
comfrey to prevent dryness and stimulate hair growth
sage for shine/luster + promotes new hair growth/conditions hair
red clover to maintain elasticity + stimulate blood flow in the scalp
hops for shine and luster + rids dry scalp + reduces hair fall

How She Uses It

Let's start with wash day, the basis of any curly girl's routine. After using the Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar Henna Hair Mask Gloss to treat the hair, Curly Proverbz goes in with the tea rinse, spraying it on the hair in sections. 

She follows that up with a leave in conditioner on each section to ensure that her hair is not only strengthened, but moisturized. 

Next, she seals in all that goodness with castor oil and twists the section. When she's done, she's got a head full of bomb twists. This method is similar to how Ari uses the Regeneration Mask and tea rinse in her routine on her dry, thick hair.

Day 3 after wash day, Curly Proverbs sprays the tea rinse on the ends of her hair, working it up all the way to the roots, where she gives her scalp a nice massage. 

***Quick tip: keep the tea rinse in the refrigerator so that it lasts as long as it can!***

On day 4, she uses her growth oil (aka Fenugreek Infused Oil), massaging it into the scalp to impart moisture and nourishment to the hair follicles.

This is when she trades in the twist out for a wash n go. After rocking the wash n go for a couple days, it's time to protective style again. 

She sprays the tea rinse all over her hair from root to tip, and follows up with a leave in conditioner to maintain balance

Next, she uses a hair butter for extra moisture, and twists the hair. Simple!

Incorporating the tea rinse into your weekly routine is a super simple way to protect, fortify, and nourish your hair. Hello length retention!


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"Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "GREEN TEA" TEA RINSE"

Mysha L. says...
I can't believe how much my hair stopped shedding just after one application!"




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