Have a Dream? What Are You Waiting For?! Here's How to Achieve It

Alexa Santory

Planning Your Dream Life

We all have dreams we'd like to see come true. Some are practical, others are wild, all of them are valid and something we're all entitled to. There can be a great deal of factors that come into play when trying to achieve your dreams, some of which will tell you that they're impossible, or too big. They'll tell you to dream smaller or to change your dreams. Don't listen to them and don't change your dreams for anyone but yourself. You can have your dream life, you just have to build it. Today's Beauty School lesson is all about building the life you've always wanted and how positive thinking and manifestation can lay the groundwork for reaching your biggest life goals.

Let's Talk Manifestation

Aka the art of speaking and thinking things into existence in your life. It goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction, which basically tells us that like energy attracts like energy. Thinking, speaking, and doing negative things will only attract more negativity and vice versa. So how do we manifest these wonderful things that we want so badly into our lives? First thing, understand that our minds are a lot more powerful than we've been led to believe. Here’s an example: have you ever lost something in your room and tear the whole place apart looking for it and you still can't find it? Then as soon as you stop, it appears? Yeah...that's manifestation. You can achieve pretty big things if you really set your mind on them.

The three keys of manifestation:

Ask for what you want
Allow it into your life
Be grateful for the abundance you receive
I’ve used manifestation at several different points in my life, for big and small things, like getting a certain person to text me or getting the offer to write for Belle Bar (hi!!!). Using positivity and good energy to attract the things in life that you want is very real. Yes, there is work required to achieve certain goals too, but keeping faith in what you want can result in you getting exactly that.

This week we're sharing with you some wonderful women to add to your social feeds. You're already online, why not optimize that space?
Aileen from Lavendaire has some great things to offer on the topic of manifestation. This is a really great video!

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel, stat! Aileen has such a calming presence, and offers super helpful tips that will make you feel amazing and start the path to a better you.

How To: Plan Your Dream Life

Since we’re being completely honest here, I find that thinking about the future makes me itchy and anxious. Anyone else??? Just me??? Okay!! Either way, I know I still have to plan for it, even the stuff I don’t have a plan for. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down and creating a 5 year budget plan and a calendar mapping out everything you need to do until you reach your goals. Productive, yes, but still a bit too rigid and unrealistic. Thinking about and planning your future doesn’t have to be all work and no play. There are a few ways to get your dream life plan set into motion that don’t require a calculator! Some things I’ve learned about planning out the life I want: be honest about what you want in your life and to set your intentions clearly. Ignore the negativity and the self doubt. Put all of those things aside and really go after what you want. Again, it’s easier said than done, but in this day and age, we can realistically achieve anything we set our minds to.

Mood Boards

It’s 2018, I’m sure we’ve all heard of mood or vision boards by now. These are fun and creative ways to start planning your life. Whether you take the time to sit and really make one or you’re saving inspiring pictures and videos on your Instagram (hi, me!! The saved feature is honestly a godsend), mood boarding a great way to keep your creative juices flowing, while also giving you time to plan out even the littlest aspects of your future. Want that BMW in 5 years?? Put it on your mood board! Dreaming about working with your favorite artist? Put that on there too! Dying to go on a vacation to Italy?? Mood board!! Whatever you’re dreaming about doing in your future, set your intention, believe that it can all be done, and put it down on the paper. Mood boards are great because they give you a chance to communicate new ideas if  you’re having a hard time putting an idea into words. You can also use them to plan every area of your life down to what color you want the bedspread in the bedroom in the house of your dreams to be! Your mood board should illustrate everything that inspires you. It’s meant to excite you and provide you with a visual representation of how you want your life to look and feel. They’re a fun and creative outlet for all the big dreams we have in our heads. Now it’s up to you to put in the work to execute those dreams! You have it down on paper, now it’s time to go after what you want.


If mood/vision boarding isn’t quite your thing, try writing your dreams down in a journal! Similar to journaling for self care, getting these ideas out of your mind and onto paper can really help get the ball rolling. This is another form of manifestation! Writing down what you want and setting the positive intention to get it done! Remember the keys of manifestation and write down all the things you want to do. If you’re having trouble getting started on what you want to write down, keep it simple and use one of these prompts!
1. Write down a gratitude list. Thanking the universe and those around you for everything you already have is a great way to open yourself up to more -- more love, more abundance, more of everything you want and need. Showing gratitude will legitimately make you feel much happier with what you have, and setting positive energy into motion will bring you more positivity! Even writing down the things and experiences that aren’t so great will help because those are lessons too! Be grateful for all the things in your life, good and bad, because they’re all there to help you expand and grow.

2. Write down your goals. After you’ve taken the time to express gratitude for the things that surround you, write down all the stuff you wish to achieve. Take the time to write down the goals for all aspects of your life, separately, so that your intentions are clear all around. Writing down your goals, big and small, helps them feel much more tangible. It gives you an opportunity to really hash out everything you want to get done. It also helps you keep them in mind in your everyday life. Give your goals a deadline too! It’ll make things more rigid and force you to really set out to get it done!

3. Create a Be/Do/Have list. What does that mean, Alexa?? I’m so glad you asked! It’s basically another list for your goals, except it’s a bit less structured and gives you a chance to write out all the ways you want your life to look. This list gives you a chance to dream big. So, who will you be? What will you do? And what do you want to have? Writing these things down with clear intentions will give you an opportunity to really envision the life you want.
This video is super helpful, especially for the journal newbies. 
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What does self love mean to me?

“My self love mantra is ‘bad b**** or sad b****, I’m still that b****.’ It’s funny but it still holds weight. In all seriousness, self love is respecting yourself. It’s knowing your worth and what you deserve and not settling for anything less than that.” - Alexa, 24, NYC
Self love and self care are two things people tend to neglect for the sake of others. The thing is, when we focus on all of the outside forces in our lives, we start to let them control us and lose sight of ourselves in the process. This is gonna be a hard pill to swallow, but that’s not a way to go about life. YOU are in control of your life and the choices you make, no matter who or what tries to tell you otherwise. Be the captain of your own soul. Take care of yourself because if you don’t then who will? Don’t go through hell and high water for people that won’t even step over a puddle for you! Know your worth then add tax! If people say you’re too much, then be three much!!! Do not sell yourself short to appease other people’s lack of love for themselves. I promise you that there will be things, people, and experiences that will come your way that will benefit and serve your higher purpose on this earth. You have one life to live. Live it how you want.

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