Holiday Gift Guide for the Natural Beauty Obsessed

By Alexa Santory


Finally, 2018 is coming to a close. The holidays are fast approaching and this time of year always feels pretty frantic. Between work, school, our social lives, planning trips for the holidays, and — hmmm maybe some sleep would be nice — finding time to go gift shopping seems like the most tedious thing. We have a lot to be thankful for in 2018, one of those things being that we no longer have to actually set foot in a store if we don’t want to. I mean honestly, have you ever been to a mall during the holidays?? It’s almost as bad as the airport! Another one of those things being, well, us! As a brand, we promote wellness in all facets of life. Everyone wants to look as good as they feel during the holidays and giving the gift of healthier skin and hair is what we’re all about!

For the skincare buff in your life…



        Give the gift of all natural skincare with our bestselling kit #GlowBabyGlow, a 6-week regimen for their clearest, brightest skin ever! This gift is sure to please even the toughest skin care critics because the results are almost instant. The kit includes three of our bestsellers, all carefully formulated to clean the skin deeply and naturally while delivering the healthiest glow possible.

Step 1: Bollywood

This detoxing mask uses charcoal to pull out deep-rooted impurities from the skin. Charcoal is one of the best detoxing ingredients because it acts like a magnet for dirt and oil, making it an excellent option if you experience breakouts and/or have oily skin. It’s gentle enough to use on all skin types, too! We added honey because it’s a moisture magnet with amazing antibacterial properties. Lavender helps soothe and relax the skin, while red Moroccan clay helps control surface oil and unclogs the pores. Coconut oil keeps away dirt and bacteria, while green tea soothes inflammation and has anti-aging properties that fight free radical damage.

Step 2: Eden

Our resident serum-toner-moisturizer hybrid is a perfect blend of oils and botanicals that help soothe and restore even the most sensitive skin. The second step in the kit is meant to re-balance the skin after Bollywood, which can be a bit intense if you’ve never used anything with charcoal before. We used a special blend of chamomile and rose, two super soothing ingredients with amazing healing properties. Chamomile contains bisabolol, which is anti-everything — fungal, bacterial, inflammatory, and allergenic. Rose is slightly acidic, so it helps rebalance the skin’s pH. There calendula to heal the skin, lavender to soothe and fight bacteria, lemongrass to cleanse, orange peel for its vitamin C content and brightening properties, and sweet almond and coconut oils to hydrate. Did we mention you could also remove your makeup with it? It’s a win all around!

Step 3: Serengeti

This ultra brightening face mask is one of my absolute favorite products ever. It uses the power of papaya to visibly brighten and even out the skin tone. If you ever feel like your skin looks dull or if you experience hyperpigmentation, like from acne scars, this is the mask for you. It’s great for all skin types, and can even help soothe skin that’s broken out. Papaya is full of AHA, a natural exfoliant that helps slough off dead skin cells. There’s also turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. Ground almonds help turn this mask into a nice scrub once it’s dried. Rosehip helps even out the skin tone and has anti-aging properties. Plus, there’s lemon peel to brighten, and tomato to protect the skin from UV damage.

Following all the steps in this kit will leave your skin looking, and feeling, brighter, healthier, and lit-from-within!

For the haircare connoisseur…

Or even just for anyone who wants to improve the health of their hair, we have a pretty bomb selection. Two of our top sellers, and some of our absolute faves, are the Custom Restoring Avocado Mask and our Cassia Strengthening Hair Gloss. These masks are excellent for all hair types and a great gift for anyone who’s looking to improve the health of their hair. We’re big fans of avocados here at Belle Bar, and honestly, what’s not to love?? These masks are full of ingredients that help restore and repair dry, damaged hair. Our hair tends to try out a lot more in the colder months, and the rich moisture these masks provide will leave your hair feeling way healthier. Avocado is full of essential fatty acids that help restore and protect the hair from the root. We also added olive oil to repair split ends and slippery elm to make detangling a breeze. You can customize this mask, too! Add cilantro to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth, or lemon peel to balance the scalp’s pH.

Our Cassia Gloss uses the power of the cassia flower to strengthen the hair from the root. It’s excellent for deeply moisturizing and strengthening the hair, plus it help promote hair growth and repairs split ends. We also added marshmallow root to detangle, avocado oil to soften, and apple cider vinegar to balance out the scalp. The result is stronger, healthier, super shiny hair. We don’t call it a hair gloss for nothing!

My Top Picks

Waikiki Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask:

This hair mask is really special. After years of applying heat to my hair, I finally decided enough was enough and stopped using hot tools completely. The temptation is still there, especially now that it’s colder, I’m used to wearing my hair straight this time of year. It’s no longer worth the trouble, especially since finding this mask. When we say restorative, we really mean it. One use and my hair looked *chef’s kiss* excellent. My curls were soft and defined, frizz was kept to a minimum, and my hair felt truly moisturized for the first time in a really long time. This is the mask for anyone who’s dealing with heat damage or chemical damage or even just regular old dryness. Hibiscus is a super gentle, but effective, cleanser that helps restore balance to the scalp and hair, and helps keep moisture in its place. There’s also coconut milk, which is deeply moisturizing, cactus to repair damaged hair follicles, marshmallow root for slip, plus shea nut and coconut oils for some intense moisture. I can’t say enough good things about this mask. I’ve used tons of deep conditioners and this is one of the only ones where the results actually last.

Custom Watermelon Hypersensitive Skin Face Mask:

This mask saved has saved my skin from some potentially major breakouts. It’s gentle enough to use everyday, but it works especially well for me around that time of the month. If you experience changes in your skin because of extreme weather differences, this is the mask for you. Transitioning from summer to fall is always very difficult for my skin. The cold air sucks the moisture right out and then my skin is forced to overcompensate and then it produces too much oil and then I break out!! *sigh* It was a vicious cycle until I tried this mask again and the next morning, my skin was almost clear again. Watermelon is a natural astringent that helps balance out the skin’s sebum production and acts as a natural toner. It’s also mostly water, so it delivers some pretty intense moisture. There’s also aloe vera to heal dry skin, evening primrose oil to boost collagen and reduce signs of aging (never too early to start!), and grapefruit to promote cell turnover. I customized my mask with banana to hydrate and green tea to soothe inflammation. Pimples, dry skin, oily skin, confused skin — none of it stands a chance with this mask!


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