Home for the Holidays? 10 Tips for Traveling with Ease this Season

Home for the Holidays? 10 Tips for Traveling with Ease this Season
By Alexa Santory


Airports can be the stuff of nightmares no matter the time of year. But there’s something particularly hellish about traveling during the holidays that just doesn’t quite measure up to any other time of year. All that holiday cheer can be gone the instant you step into that airport and see that every. Single. Flight. Is delayed because of…. who even knows anymore? We’re here to tell you: don’t stress.

What to Expect: Going Home for the Holidays

Pack light.

Holiday visits are usually pretty short, so put that sixth outfit change back in the closet and pack what you need. A few great outfits (fall fashion is the best tbh), underwear, cute PJs (my mom always buys me and my brothers Christmas pajamas and I love her for it), and all the essential toiletries, including all your travel friendly skincare, is all you truly need. Fitting everything into a carry-on sized bag will shorten your wait times at the airport and you won’t have to worry about the airline possible losing your stuff. If you’re bringing gifts, have them sent to your destination ahead of time!

If you’re flying, the airport will be crazy, so get there early.

I have never had to fly anywhere during the holidays, but I live in the city with the two worst airports in the country, so I can only imagine what it’s like. The busiest travel day is typically the day before the major holiday. If that’s when you’re flying, make sure to get to the airport early--I’m talking 4 hours before your flight! Get through those lines with plenty of time to chill before you actually board.

Nervous flyer? Bring some essential oils.

Being on a plane can be overwhelming for some of us. Bring some roll on essential oils to your flight to chill you out before takeoff! Try lavender oil or ylang ylang for some intense relaxation.

Masks on a plane!

Airplane cabins have the driest air possible, which does absolutely nothing good for your skin. Do a hydrating mask on the plane and you’ll touchdown looking like the glowing goddess I know you are. Sheet masks are the way to go since they don’t need to be rinsed off.

Get ready to answer lots of questions.

If youre traveling home for the holidays, chances are you don’t see your family as often. Reuniting for the holidays is a great time for some of us, but for others it can be a bit more tedious. Sure, seeing your family can be stressful — you know there’s gonna be the interrogation about the state of your life and having to explain why you don’t have a boyfriend at least 20 times. Remember this: it’s only for a few days, so just try and be as polite and mindful as possible. Take some time for yourself too! It’s technically a mini vacation, so try and take a day or even a few hours to go do something fun in your hometown.

Stress Less On Your Trip

Here a few of our favorite products to help you chill out on your travels

1. Remember those essential oil rollers I was talking about? Those are gonna be super helpful if you’re stressed about traveling, whether it’s for leisure or you’re going home for the holidays. This anti-stress roller is only $7 and is a perfect blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and grapefruit in coconut oil. Roll this on your pressure points, take a deep breath, and chill out!!
2. Sleep is the ultimate stress reliever. An adorable sleep mask will make napping on the plane that much easier. If you have a super long slight, or if sleeping is the only way you can get through a flight, this is a must have! Beauty sleep is important and the pink silk adds a luxurious touch. It comes in 4 other colors too!
3. Drink a stress relieving tea before your flight. This honey lavender tea blend is my absolute favorite. Lavender flower is used to balance your mood and soothe stress. It even helps promote better sleep. A cup of this plus that sleep mask and you’ll be on cloud 9 your whole flight!
4. Download the Headspace app, one of the top meditation apps and a personal favorite of mine. Headspace was my first foray into meditation apps and it’s still the best one I’ve used. You get introductory sessions, plus sessions on self-esteem, anger, and productivity for free. There’s also a subscription service starting at $8 a month! It’s a great way to get introduced to guided meditation, and a great way to ease the mind if you’re stressed about traveling.
5. This coloring book set comes with everything you need to stay creatively stress free while traveling. Coloring is an excellent way to get those creative juices flowing and an even better way to pass the time during those long waits at the airport. They were onto something when they told us to color when we were kids -- it’s truly a therapeutic experience.

    Bon voyage!

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