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Meet Amber

 If you're not subscribed to Amber Ansah's YouTube channel, I don't know what you're waiting for! You've seen her customize a DIY mask to add moisture to her hair, now check out her all natural skin care routine! Amber's using Serengeti--Papaya Ultra Illumination Face Mask, fka the Brightening Face Mask.



rice flour to brighten the skin
sweet almond oil to brighten
rosehip to even skin tone
turmeric to lighten hyperpigmentation
grounded almonds to brighten
lemon peel to scars & age spots
tomato to fade dark spots & UV damage
papaya oil to remove skin discoloration
carrot  to reduce scars & blemishes


 How She Uses It

Starting on clean skin, Amber mixes Serengeti (previously known as the Brightening Mask) with water until smooth.

She applies it generously all over her face and lets it sit for 20 minutes.

After rinsing, she uses coconut oil to remove any left over mask and that's it! Amber follows up with a toner and moisturizer like normal, and enjoys beautiful, glowing skin.


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The Streets Are Talking


Daniela says...
"This is hands down the best face mask I have ever tried. This mask is perfect when my skin is feeling dull. It provides a light exfoliating effect and brightens up my skin like magic. Life changing stuff!" 



If your'e struggling with keeping moisturized hair you need to see Amber's deep conditioning routine





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