How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Fall and Why it's Necessary

By Alexa Santory


The Fall Skincare Edit

Ahh fall! My absolute favorite season! Don’t you just love the crisp air, the cozy sweaters, and the warm apple cider? So much loveliness all around and then...your skin is drier than the fallen leaves. Surprise! Your skin type might be different depending on the season and that crispy fall air might be drying you out more than you’d anticipated. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our fall skincare edit -- our best tips and tricks for keeping your skin hydrated, balanced, and bright through this big season change!

Why does our skin change with the seasons?

Fellow skincare junkies and connoisseurs, I ask you this: do you ever find that your skin’s texture, complexion, and moisture levels vary by season? Do you notice that you are 1000 times oilier in the summer and dry and flaky in the winter?  If you answered yes, and even if you’re not a skincare junkie or connoisseur, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! Extreme changes in weather, like the transition from summer to fall, can have extreme effects on your skin, and not just on your face! It’s important to take note of how your skin changes with the seasons, that way you can care for your skin accordingly. Are you super dry where your skin is usually pretty balanced? Is your skin super dull when it’s cold? You wouldn’t use a thick moisturizer in the middle of July, would you? Here are some tips to keep your skin in check this fall!

Balance is everything

Just the same during the summer months, balancing out your skin is key. It’s a bit harder during summer though, since the humidity-heat-sunshine combination can do some pretty wild things to your complexion, but when it’s colder I find balance is easier to manage. It really comes down the type of toner you’re using, if any. PSA: please use toner, it makes a huge difference!

Toner’s job is to de-puff the skin, unclog your pores, even out the complexion, and balance the oil production and pH of the skin. There are exfoliating toners too; those brighten and fade scarring. Witch hazel is easily the most commonly used toner and for good reason! Witch hazel is an excellent skin balancer, plus it helps regulate the skin’s pH. Be careful of any toners that contain alcohol! Some witch hazel’s do and I’m letting you know now, that is not real witch hazel! Alcohol has no place on our skin, especially our face, unless it’s to dry out a cut! Our Eden serum is a great multipurpose product since it uses the gentle power of chamomile and rose to hydrate, soothe, and balance the skin.

Make sure your moisturizer is thicc

You wanna opt for a heavier moisturizer to lock everything in during this transitional season. I know there may still be some days sprinkled here and there that are warmer than others, but hey, that’s just the nature of fall! *ba-dum tsss* ANYWAY, the thicker the cream, the better, because it’ll give you the most hydration during the colder months. Any formula that contains ceramides is your best bet. These provide our skin with the essential fatty acids it needs to stay plump and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is great too, since it’s a magnet for moisture. Anything that’s deeply hydrating is what you wanna gravitate towards this season.

Ashiness is not an option

I’ve mentioned this before, but slathering your body in lotion and oil right after a shower is one of the best feelings in the world, no matter the season. So imagine how good it feels during the colder months, coming out of a warm shower into your much colder room, and putting on lotion, then comfy clothes?? Omg. 10/10.

The colder season is the time to nourish your whole body with some intense moisture. During the fall, the skin on your body may dry out and be itchier. Some people even experience eczema flare-ups when the weather is one of the two extremes. Try using butters like cocoa or shea, which are both deeply moisturizing, and equip the skin with protection from the elements. Cocoa butter is anti-inflammatory, making it great option for those of us with eczema and super-dry skin. Shea butter has a ton of fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin.

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Don’t be afraid of oil

Putting oil on your face in the summertime, to me, just reminds me of being a greasy mess whose glasses won’t stay in their proper place. I still did it, mostly to prove a point, but also because oils are hella nourishing and you need those benefits year around. If that’s not your thing though, definitely try and incorporate a couple oils into your fall skincare routine. Oils are going to help pump up your skin’s deficiencies and protect your skin from the harshness of the cold.

If you’re older and concerned about aging, try rosehip oil. It’s got a bunch of essential fatty acids that prevent early signs of aging. It’s great for all skin types, though, and provides the skin with a certain plumpness and hydration that I’ve never experienced before. It’s a holy grail product for sure. If you’ve got oily skin, try jojoba oil, which is super nourishing but also thin and viscous enough to absorb easily, and not clog the pores. If you have dry skin, try argan oil, which is full of vitamin E, an essential nutrient that moisturizes our skin.

Stop using super hot water!


In the shower, on your face, on your hair, chill out with the water temps. Hot water dries out the skin and hair like crazy and even more so during the colder seasons. Trust me, this one is tough because getting into a warm shower after getting out of your warm bed in the morning is up there with putting on lotion after a shower, in terms of how good it feels. Hot water opens up the pores and the hair cuticle, allowing moisture to escape. Keep it sealed in by finishing all of your routines with cold water. This will help shock the pores and the cuticle enough to tighten them and hold moisture in place.

Skincare and Chemo

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we’d like to dedicate a special section of skin care tips for breast cancer patients. Chemotherapy, radiation, and medications can all take a massive toll on the body and mind. They target all of the cells in your body, good or bad, and reduce the amount of oil the skin produces. Here are a few ways to keep your skin healthy and happy!

Hydrate and moisturize

Chemo and radiation therapy can dry out the skin to an uncomfortable degree. Radiation therapy, in particular, can cause irritation and burning. Keep the skin calm and hydrated by opting for thicker moisturizers and ointments. Dry, red, flaky skin is a side effect of radiation and chemotherapy, and it’s essential not to irritate the skin any further. Try using non-irritating, but deeply hydrating coconut oil to keep the skin super soft and nourished. It has antibacterial properties that might help kill any bad bacteria in irritated areas!

Avoid heavy perfumes and fragrances

In any skin care product you purchase, whether it’s for your body or face, try to avoid strong fragrances. They often lead to irritation and, when applied to skin that’s super-sensitive from radiation, it could just make things worse. Opt for fragrance free, nourishing products instead!

Wear sunscreen

Radiation and chemotherapy make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure, especially the areas that are being treated. Try to avoid the sun as much as possible while you’re in treatment, but definitely layer up on the SPF when you go outside. Some patients develop brown spots on their faces during and after treatment. SPF is a great way to fade those spots and even out your complexion. And remember, SPF is important to wear even on heavy overcast days.


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