How to Customize Your Own Face Mask for a Youthful Glow

By Ari Edwards
While I totally believe that we as women have way too many pressures on us to be beautiful and perfect and forever young, I, on the other hand, don't think there's anything wrong with aging gracefully and taking care of yourself. Multiplicity of identity! With that, I like to incorporate anti-aging products into my routine every now and then. I really love to use face masks 2-3 times per week to show my skin some love and take a moment to myself. I've tried pretty much all of Belle Bar's face masks, and with the newly reformulated custom masks, I decided to customize my own Youth Restoring Caffeine Mask--and I'm in love. After using it my skin looked so dewy and smooth, and felt pillow soft. I let my good friend try it and, he too, was shook!
Caffeine has amazing effects on the skin. It's got antioxidants and other properties that help with that protect the skin from the sun's radiation, get rid of dark, puffy under eyes, and smooth out the skin. 

What's in it

When customizing a Belle Bar face mask, you get to pair three ingredients of your choice with the base ingredients designed to make the mask the most effective. This makes customizing your perfect face mask a breeze! This mask comes with a base of coffee, maqui fruit, honey, eggplant, seabuckthorne oil, rose hip oil, and coffee arabica (green seed) oil, yummy right? These ingredients work to give you smooth, tight, glowing skin.

I added:

potato to tighten the skin

black tea to combat aging 

hibiscus another tightening agent

How I picked my ingredients

I really enjoy trying out new products and ingredients in my skin care, so while customizing this face mask I tried to step outside of the box and try some new, interesting ingredients. The Youth Restoring Caffeine Mask has many great mix in options, so I definitely spent some time with this one. I think a really cool part of customizing products--especially if you're not exactly a creature of habit--is that you can experiment with different ingredient combinations and see how each works with your skin! I love this recipe for the Youth Restoring Caffeine Mask, and I can't wait to try it again, switching out some of the ingredients to see how they work. This time around, I was intrigued by the potato and black tea. I had never used either of those ingredients on my face before, and I was very interested in their qualities. I don't have fine lines or wrinkles, but prevention is key, and since potato and black tea tighten the skin, I had to include them. I know that hibiscus has been used to help smooth and tighten skin for centuries, so I knew it would be the perfect way to finish off the recipe. I must say, since switching to all natural skin care, the quality of my skin has improved tremendously. Belle Bar has saved my skin!

How to make it 

  1. This mask is super easy to make. Simply pour a bit of the mask into your hand (I always eyeball the amount).
  2. Add a bit of water or aloe vera juice and mix with your finger.
  3. You can totally add other fresh ingredients like honey, rosewater, or whatever you like. Since this recipe already has so many amazing ingredients, I just stick to water.

How I use it

  1. I use this this mask twice a week, usually right before bed so my skin can soak up all the goodness overnight. I clean my face and apply a generous amount of the mask, making sure to cover every part of my face.
  2. After that, I like to chill for about 25 minutes and let the mask do its thing.
  3. Once the time is up, I rinse the mask off with warm water and pat my face dry with a clean towel. 
  4. I follow up with an all natural toner--I usually stick to witch hazel.
  5. To balance and moisturize my skin I use a small amount of Eden all over my face, gently massaging it in. My skin fully absorbs the serum after about ten minutes. 
That's it! This mask is packed with so many nutrients and really keeps my skin looking fresh and dewy. It's definitely a staple in my routine. 

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The Streets are Talking

Sameeha says...
"I brought this face mask for my mom. I love adding Yogurt and Coconut Oil to my masks. I did the same for my mom and she has very sensitive skin but this mask didn't cause a irritation at all. As I applied the mask, my mom loved the smell and even lick some of it ( Didn't taste bad) ! I let it sit on her face for 20 min and I noticed it tighten her skin and her skin was brighter. This mask got Mommas Approval !!"


Elaine says...
"Where have you been all my life? This oil serum is excellent. After using one week my face has never felt this soft. Eden oil will always be a part of my face regimen for now on."


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