How to Maintain High Porosity Hair

By Alexa Santory


If you’ve been keeping up with this week’s Beauty School lesson, you’ve noticed that low and high porosity hair have one common enemy: dryness. Today, we’re breaking down high porosity hair and way to close that pesky hair cuticle just enough to keep moisture locked in and stayed put.

So if low porosity hair doesn’t let moisture in, what does that mean for high porosity hair?

They are basically polar opposites! Low porosity hair has a closed cuticle that won’t let moisture budge in or out. High porosity hair has hair cuticles that are so open, moisture passes straight through without doing any work! Annoying, huh? I know, getting balance back into your hair is tough, but the good thing about high porosity hair is that you can apply the same methods of restoration that you would to low porosity hair.
High porosity hair looks and feels frizzy and dry. If your hair is curly, you’ll find that the curls are lifeless, a bit flat, a require a ton more product in order to hold a curl or style. The hair gets wet really fast and dries really fast, which isn’t always a good thing. If you’re doing the float test, it sinks right down to the bottom. And if your doing the slip and slide test, it’s bumpy and feels weak. Like low porosity hair, the goal is to strike a balance.
This fun video has some great dos and don'ts for high porosity hair.

Are there any hair types that are prone to high porosity hair?

   Not necessarily, it could be genetics. BUT hair damage from excessive use of hot tools, hair dyes, chemical relaxers, sun exposure, or even just drying your hair with a terry cloth towel, could all factor into the heightened porosity of the hair. I know this all sounds really intimidating and you feel you have hair like this, you’re probably wondering, “Is there anything that can fix it?” Of course! Practicing healthier hair habits could seriously alter and improve the texture of your hair. By tweaking little things like water temperature in the shower or drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt, you want to make sure that you’re not doing things to the hair that could open up the cuticle more. That’s going to create split ends and breakage, and that’s just bad for business.
Adopting a non-toxic, no-poo hair regimen has a ton of benefits because of natural ingredients. Throw out that shampoo and conditioner in your shower with sodium laureth sulfate as the second ingredient. Opt for products that don’t have any synthetic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicones. These ingredients strip the hair and basically suffocate it. Stripping moisture away and adding products that won’t let the hair breath is going to keep your hair unhealthy. Learning to balance protein and moisture in your hair care will help restore the hair’s strength!

Here are some non-toxic, all natural options we recommend!

Waikiki Restorative Hibiscus hair mask:

It’s all in the name -- restorative. This mask is ideal for heat damaged, high porosity hair. Hibiscus is the star of this mask and has amazing healing properties for the hair. It works to seal moisture into the hair follicle, while coconut milk, avocado, and marshmallow root deeply moisturize, prevent breakage, and add slip. This past winter was absolutely brutal to my hair and I only straightened it a handful of times. Even after making the conscious decision to cut out heat styling completely, my hair just would not cooperate. It was stringy and flat and my curls…..let’s just say you couldn’t even call them curls. After one use of this mask, my hair was back to life and the curls were bouncy and as big as they were last summer. I’m not lying when I say this mask works!!

The state of my hair from last summer to this past March was a combination of heat and sun damage, the extreme cold here on the east coast, a lot of stress, and just not taking proper care of it. In the winter, I use flat irons more often and have an easy time bouncing back once it starts getting warmer. I even cut my hair into a bob so it would grow by the time summer rolled around. That actually ended up making things worse and when I would leave my hair natural, it would be stringy and flat and the curl would barely last. Buns were my best friend for a while. I haven’t felt confident about leaving my hair curly in so long, and this mask has really turned things around.

Check out how Jeanette uses Waikiki for bomb results!

Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar Cassia Hair Gloss mask:

This mask is great for weak, breaking hair. Cassia strengthens hair follicles and adds shine, while green tea, apple cider vinegar, and maca root work together to boost hair growth, tame split ends, balance the scalp, and thicken the hair.
Low porosity hair prefers lighter oils to seal in moisture, however, to make sure moisture doesn't escape the open cuticle in high porosity hair, try something with a bit more weight. This oil is amazing for high porosity peeps! It's got castor oil, coconut oil, and of course, fenugreek! Definitely a game changer.
 Remember, mastering porosity is about technique and the right sealant. Be mindful or your hair's cuticle to ensure that moisture always stays in place!
Miss out on the low porosity tips? Don't fret.

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