Moisturizing Wavy Hair | #MyBelleBarRitual

Meet Jeanette

Name: Jeanette Tran

Role: Creative Content Intern

Fav Quote: “But whatever came, she had resolved never again to belong to another than herself.” - Kate Chopin, The Awakening

Skin type: Oily

Biggest Skin Issues: Acne scars and breakouts in cheek areas

Hair type: 2b/2c

Biggest Hair Issues: Heat damage from straightening and styling too much


My hair is a combination of Type 2b and 2c. It used to be rather wavy until I started styling it a lot with a straightening iron so now it is very damaged by all the heat. Ever since I started using the Hibiscus hair mask, I find that my hair has gotten so much better. It is gradually recovering from all the brittle split ends and dry texture. I would use the hair mask at least once a week just to give it the right amount of moisture needed.



Coconut milk: penetrates the farthest into the strand & moisturizes
Avocado oil: softens dry and brittle split ends
Hibiscus: seals moisture in hair cuticles
Cactus: repairs damaged hair follicles
Marshmallow root: adds slip to hair to prevent breakage
Pumpkin: deeply moisturizing
Coconut oil: moisturizes hair & reduce keratin loss
Shea nut oil: moisturizes hair from root to tip


How to Use: 

1. Combine 2 teaspoons of your favorite conditioner and 2 teaspoons of the hair mask powder. I would not recommend mixing the powder with water because it would get really runny.
Mix until the consistency is smooth!
2. Before applying the hair mask, I wash my hair and make sure it is clean and fresh!
3. When applying the mask, I divide my hair into sections so that it is easier to cover all areas of the head. Use a generous amount for each section!
4. Next, I would cover my head with a shower cap and relax for at least 1 hour. I find that the longer I leave it on, the better the results :)
5. Rinse with cool water afterwards. To double check that all the ingredients are out of my hair, I would wash once or twice with conditioner just to make sure.
6. Once everything is done, style as usual. I often just leave it to dry!

Recommended Product

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Latrice says...
"I got a sample of this recently and decided to try it today since my hair has been in need of a deep treatment. I mixed the mask with fresh avocado and banana. I used my hothead to add heat after applying the mask. This mask left my 3C/4A hair feeling so soft and moisturized. I definitely want to try Curly Proverbz Henna Mask next but I would totally buy a full size of this mask in the future."