Hydration, Moisture, and Styling Recap | Everything to Know pt. 2

Hydration, Moisture, and Styling Recap | Everything to Know pt. 2
By Ari Edwards


Last week was all about how to execute the perfect wash day; this week we covered how to maintain your hair in between wash days. Let’s go over it.



  • Understanding the importance of hydration and moisturization is key. Hydration comes from saturating the hair with water for a period of time, like you do on wash day. Moisturizing is when you add water and sealing products (like oils and creams) to the hair in between wash days to maintain the solid moisture levels. Both are necessary on a regular basis to have healthy hair.
  • So you've washed your hair and added moisture, but now your hair has shrunken! Don't fret! Natural hair shrinks up to 70% and is a sign of healthy hair. Shrinkage is a sign that your hair has soaked up adequate moisture and is happy and thriving.



  • Into wash n gos? The shingling method is going to take your wash n go from a 7 to a 10! It really helps to define each curl and makes your style last longer.


  • When it comes to braid outs and/or twist outs, let the style fully dry before taking it down. Re-twist your hair at night so that it doesn’t tangle while you sleep. 4C hair is prone to crazy tangles.

  • Cut down on laying your edges, and when you do them, use an oil under the edge control to nourish your edges.


Protective and Low Manipulation Styles

  • There's a difference between protective and low manipulation styles. Protective styles completely protect the ends, buns and bantu knots are great examples. Low manipulation styles, like braid outs and twist outs, are styles that, once you’ve styled your hair you don’t have to do it (manipulate it) again for at least a few days.
  • Try not to do your protective or low manipulation styles too tightly--it can be detrimental to your roots and scalp.
  • Another thing that can cause harm to your roots and scalp: four sections. When doing your hair, try to use more than the popular four sections, especially if your hair is super thick and/or long. You don’t want to cause tension on your scalp, which could be the reason it’s so sore.


All in all, take time to get to know your hair. See who she is, her interests, what she likes! After all, she’s stuck with you for life.

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