It's All About the Skin Baby!

By Ari Edwards
April 10, 2018



Whether you’re into a full beat, no-makeup makeup, or even rocking a bare face, great skin is the absolute foundation of a killer look.  
A solid skin care routine helps you maintain your version of beautiful skin, helping you look and feel your best. The old saying is true: when you look good, you feel good!
Now, in order to have great skin, you have to give it what it needs. In order to do that, you’ve gotta know what you’re working with. This week we’re getting into the six main skin types and how to deal.


The Basics

While everyone is unique, there are about four basic skin type categories: normal, oily, dry and combination. In a perfect (aka boring) world, we could easily place ourselves into one of these boxes. However, like our personalities, skin is multidimensional and not always easily classified. These four skin types simply serve as a guide, a good basis for understanding how to approach skin care.

Knowing Your Skin

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is going on with your skin. Are you just oily with breakouts or does your skin produce lots of oil in some spots and stay dry in others? Take this quiz to end your guessing.

Let’s say your skin is normal

"Normal" skin is balanced skin, not the standard. Oil and moisture levels in the skin are pretty fair so that the skin isn’t too dry or too oily, complexion is even with no breakouts and the pores are not very noticeable. Sound like you?

Here’s how to take care of it

If you’ve got normal skin you don’t have to do too much to maintain it. For the morning:

  • Start the day with a gentle cleanser.
  • Follow up with a toner to stabilize the skin’s pH--witch hazel or diluted ACV or great all natural options, and inexpensive too!
  • Next apply moisturizer with SPF and you’re set.

At night:

  • Keep it simple. Take the same steps as the morning, adding in a serum before your moisturizer to really help revitalize the skin overnight. The Eden serum is the perfect addition to your night-time regimen because it deeply penetrates the skin.


Who doesn’t love relaxing in a nice face mask, wine in hand, watching Netflix? Incorporating regular masks/treatments into your skin care routine is important in maintaining optimal health and glow, even for normal skin. Try customizing your own Radiance face mask and enjoy a weekly dose of self-care and to encourage brightness. to really achieve amazing looking skin we recommend masking 2x to 3x a week.


Tomorrow we're talking oily and dry skin types. Stay tuned! 





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