Let's Go Over Protein-Moisture Balance

By Ari Edwards
April 21, 2018



Growing out your hair seems hard, but really comes down to one basic concept. This week in Beauty School we explored protein-moisture balance. Here’s a quick rundown of how to maintain the perfect balance between strength and moisture in your hair for optimal growth and length retention:


  • Hair is made up of keratin, a very strong protein that adds structure to the hair. It’s important to have adequate protein levels so that your hair can withstand all the things we do to it and grow long. Moisture from water and products helps the hair maintain good health and works with protein to keep your hair thriving. To learn more about this, check out Tuesday's post.


  • Too much of any one thing is not good. Your hair needs equal parts strength and moisture to flourish.


  • Examine your hair: if it’s dry, tangled and dull, it might be time to add some serious moisture. If your hair is too hydrated, limp and lifeless, try a protein treatment.


  • If your hair is super dry, a good deep conditioner and rehydrating the hair during the week will do wonders. In general, it's good to do a deep conditioning treatment each week. Protein can be added by including henna or cassia--two incredibly strengthening ayurvedic herbs-- to your routine when needed.


  • Some folks are protein sensitive, meaning using products with proteins cause the hair to be brittle and break. If your hair can't take much protein, only do a strengthening treatment once every 4-6 weeks and always follow up with moisture. 


Here's great example of how to get started adding ayurvedic herbs--like henna, cassia and more--to your hair routine. It does wonders!



Did you miss hair typing week in Beauty School? No worries, start here! And you've got to check out everything to know about your skin type; here's a good start.


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We've got hair balance down. Next week let's talk skin balance! Are you signed up for the newsletter? 




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