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The Sorry Girls 

If you love a good DIY project, you've got to check out this creative duo. The Sorry Girls have tons of inspirational and accessible videos on how to create your own cool home pieces--tables, chairs, you name it. They even have videos on how to upgrade your Ikea finds and ways to transform your entire space. They're my go-to DIY gals! Give them a watch.


Giving Brush

Did you know that plastic toothbrushes from the 1960's are still lingering around today? That's pretty gross, huh? Knowing how long it takes to break down traditional plastic toothbrushes, think about how many people there are on this planet, and how many toothbrushes we all use in out lifetime--300, according to Giving Brush. That's a lot of waste. And that's not even accounting for all of the other products we use and trash we create. Giving Brush aims to combat this extreme waste; they create totally sustainable, non-toxic toothbrushes from bamboo. They're naturally antimicrobial and the biodegradable, meaning they're recyclable! Plus, the bristles are plant-based. This is a super simple way to introduce clean products into your life, and this small change could make a huge difference. Create better habits and check out Giving Brush!


Yoga with Adrienne 

I've been subscribed to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube for years. She's an Austin based yogi who works in film, voice-over, and online communities that foster learning about the practice of yoga. She has really great videos on her channel that are perfect for the at home yogi who wants or needs a little guidance. I love watching her videos when I can't get to class, or when I want to add an extra workout. She even has yoga challenges every now and then, and practices that help with specific issues, like sore legs or insecurity. 

I definitely recommend giving Yoga With Adriene a try! Do your bod some good.


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