Long Lashes and Full Brows Naturally | A Girl's Guide to DIY

by Ari Edwards
Long, thick lashes and full brows are so beautiful and so in right now. There are tons of ways to achieve full brows and lashes--pomades, pencils, good ol’ mascara, even falsies and semi-permanent tattoos. Growth serums help lengthen and thicken your natural hairs, but they aren’t always accessible to everyone. Creating your own lash and brow serum is really easy and really effective. Having long lashes and full brows naturally helps cut down on the amount of products you have to use, and this serum will grow your hairs to the gods! This is how to do it with only two main ingredients.

How to make it

Here’s What you’ll need

Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($2-$5): thickens hair
Vitamin E oil ($5): improves hair health and promotes growth
Empty mascara tube with wand (pack of 5 for $7 on Amazon): for use
Okay, so Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been used for ages to thicken hair and encourage growth, so it’s absolutely perfect to use on your brows and lashes--we even include it in our DIY Hair Growth Oil.
1. Fill up half of the mascara tube with JBCO and the rest with vitamin E oil, which improves the health of hair and prevents hair loss. This combo is bomb!
2. Shake the tube to combine the ingredients and voila!
3. Use the oil each night (on a clean canvas, of course) and watch the integrity of your brow and lash hairs improve over time.
Now, I know we live in an age of instant gratification, but don’t expect to see crazy results overnight. If you don’t see a change in a week, don’t fret! Keep at it. You should notice a difference in thickness and length in about a month. This step is great to include in your nightly routine for the long term; we do so much to our faces, and this serum will keep your lashes and brows healthy and thriving.

*Pro-tip: if you have our Eden Daily Balancing Serum, try using it to remove your makeup! Our Beauty Buffs have found that it has helped to thicken their lashes! 

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