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By Ari Edwards



Now that we’ve covered Ayurvedic physical health practices, and the #BEASTMODE growth challenge is over, we want to make sure you have all the knowledge, tips, and tricks on Ayurvedic hair care. Ayurveda is based in holistic ideology, so when it comes to the hair it’s not just about topical treatments and products. It’s a lifestyle.
When it comes to growing out your hair, a routine is queen! Having a stable and consistent regimen helps your hair remain healthy, balanced, and thriving. Ayurvedic hair care revolves around natural ingredients and TLC. Here’s how to incorporate these principles into your routine for optimal hair growth with the Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar BEASTMODE Hair Kit. 
Today we're breaking it down. 

But first, let's admire these amazing results from the #BEASTMODE Hair Challenge! 

"Hey ladies! I'm new to the group. So I thought I should start by posting my progress pics. In the beginning, my goal was just to get back to my pre-cut length but to my surprise, I already reached that. I have also seen a decrease in shedding and breakage and increase in the thickness of my strands of hair. I am really loving the results."



Check out this major growth as well! Awesome! 


Okay, let's get into the regimen. 

Step 1: The Pre-Poo

If you haven't tried pre-pooing in your routine, you're truly missing out--it's a game changer. Pre-pooing is short for "pre-shampooing." It's a process done before washing the hair meant to make wash days much easier, usually using oils to detangle or even aloe vera. This way, the hair is nice and tangle free, making washing easy breezy. Plus, the hair is prepped  with nutrients before cleansing.
You can pre-poo thirty minutes to an hour before shampooing, or even the night before to really allow the oils seep into the hair and scalp and work their magic. Here's how Curly Proverb does it: 
  • She starts out by using the Fenugreek Infused Oil to give her scalp a nice massage, first using her hands, and then going in with a vibrating scalp massager. This helps exfoliate the scalp to get rid of debris, which could impede hair growth. 
  • CP uses a lighter oil recipe--infusing the Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar Green Tea Rinse with other herbs---on the length of her hair strands. She recommends using any oil you like on the length of your hair; olive oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, whatever oil works best for you! 

 Benefits and Ingredients of the Fenugreek Infused Oil

Coconut oil: adds incredible shine and acts as a natural moisturizer

Vitamin C: thickens hair and helps with dandruff

Henna: mends the hair cuticle and adds shine

Castor Oil: helps reduce split ends and breakage, deeply moisturizes

Tea Tree Oil: improves blood circulation, keeps the scalp clean and healthy

For the full ingredient list, head over to the site


This oil recipe uses four ingredients, super easy to make yourself.


Step 2: Massage

Massage is a huge component of Ayurveda; it allows for healthy blood flow and circulation in the body, plus it feels amazing. Scalp massages are incredible for stimulating and nourishing the hair follicles, and when paired with Ayurvedic herbs--match made in heaven!



As seen in the video above, Curly Proverbz uses the Fenugreek infused Oil to gently, yet thoroughly, massage her scalp. During the pre-poo process she uses quite a bit of oil to really saturate the hair follicles; otherwise, she recommends going in with less oil to cut down on build-up over the week.
Giving yourself a scalp massage 2-3 times per week is super relaxing, plus it adds incredible nutrients to the hair and stimulates the scalp. This is a huge factor in hair growth. With curly hair, it's difficult for the natural oils the scalp produces to travel down the hair shaft, which is why curly-haired people often have dry hair. By adding oils to the scalp during a scalp massage, the scalp and hair are able to maintain necessary moisture levels throughout the week, leaving the hair super healthy.


 Step 3: Cleansing


 Now it's time to cleanse using the Curly Proverbz x Belle Bar Rhassoul Hair Cleanser. This clay cleanser is packed with vitamins and leaves the hair defined and soft. Not only does it have rhassoul clay (which cleanses without causing breakage), it includes reetha to tame frizz, witch hazel to soothe the scalp and honey for shine. 


  • Curly Proverbz mixes the Rhassoul Clay to be more of a wash, and puts it in an applicator bottle to cut down on mess and make application easy.


  • Starting out on wet hair, CP applies the wash to the scalp and down the length of the hair in sections, twisting each section as she goes. 


  • IMPORTANT TIP: CP recommends using the Rhassoul Hair Cleanser and henna/cassia glosses on separate weeks. So the week that you use the Rhassoul Cleanser, skip the glosses. Opt for a hydrating deep conditioner instead. The weeks that you use the glosses, use a co-wash or gentle shampoo instead of the cleanser. The Rhassoul Cleanser and glosses (henna and cassia) are both super strengthening products. To maintain balance, do not use both in the same week. Too much of a good thing can have adverse affects: too much strength without adequate moisture can cause breakage--which is what we don't want.


  • Allow the cleanser to sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water when ready. Follow up with a deep treatment (we'll go over that Friday).


 Benefits and Ingredients of the Rhassoul Clay Hair Cleanser

Rhassoul Clay: gently cleanses the hair and removes impurities without stripping

Reetha: tames frizz

Bitter Melon: contains vitamins A & C, as well as biotin and zinc to add shine

Hibiscus: rich in amino acids, strengthens the roots

Olive Oil: moisturizes and strengthens the hair from root to tip

 For the full ingredient list, check out the description on the site.


Here's a DIY Rhassoul recipe that's great for beginners! 

The first half of the regimen focuses on treating and cleansing the scalp, creating a clean base for the strengthening and moisturizing treatments that follow. Stay tuned for the second half of the regimen! 

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Robin A. says...
"Best grow oil ever!
This oil is amazing. It is super conditioning. My hair has grown so much since I started using it. Prefect addition to and hair regimen."


Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar "RHASSOUL" Hair Cleanser

Erika G. says...
"This product is amazing! I used it as a deep conditioner. Made my hair soft, moisturized, strong, & most of all my hair was clarified. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that came out of my hair. Afterwards, my hair easily absorbed all the moisture I put into it. Definitely, will be a staple in my hair care regimen."



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See how to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your lifestyle for a healthy, happy bod! 




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