Meet the Woman Who Started it All | Secrets and Lessons

Solange, Operations Director
Tianna,  Creative Director
Annette, Chief Mixologist


Happy Birthday & Mother's Day Mom. We could not have done all of this without you. Well, because, you make all the products and without you, we would be shipping empty boxes (LOL). 

But more importantly, however, you were the one who taught us to care about other people. To be kind and generous. To be women of integrity and to be women who respect themselves. These lessons have been more important than you can ever know. It helped us build this business and it helped me show up as the woman I wanted to be in the world. Thank you for making me the bad ass female. Let's go have a birthday cocktail!!

Tianna [your first born and favorite ;)]


Happy birthday and Mother's Day to you Mom. You have been lucky enough where these days have always fallen side by side so you get double the love. You have been a great mom through and through and the example I have tried to follow with my own little munchkins. This has been quite a journey and in all my 32 years you have been there cheering me on every step of the way. Through all the laughs, long conversations, inside jokes, and meals you have shown me to be kind and giving, strong and independent. Thanks for all you do, love you always.

--Solange, your real favorite



What’s your biggest beauty mistake? (an era of bad makeup, not washing your face at night when you were young etc.)
When I was younger I was guilty of not washing my face before bed eating junk foods and candy at times....but lucky for me I did also eat lots of fruits as well, and had great home cooked food.  Maybe that saved my skin. I have never suffered with pimples or problem skin but sometime the skin can look can look dull. I inherited good skin from my mom.

Favorite beauty tip/secret?
Always take a shower before bed and when you wake up, it keeps your pores, skin and mind clean and sane. Plus you look, smell and feel yummy.

What’s your current beauty routine? What makes you feel beautiful?
I have more than one routine but I practice this one the most: I am definitely a face mask/scrub/ body scrub almost everyday person. I have been doing this from a child but more so from a teenager. If I had on any makeup that day, I would remove it with some oil on a cotton ball, wash my face with a scrub, then use a DIY toner (Apple Cider Vinegar or witch hazel) with water to balance my PH level. Splash on a little cool water to close my pores, which also feels good. I will then moisturize with one of my oils (marula, sunflower, cotton seed oil, etc.)  to keep in the moisture. ( I never suffered with pimples, but this routine has kept my face fresh, clean and bright). Sometimes I will do just a honey face mask or a potato face mask, they are both anti-aging, and leave my face clean, energized and moisturized. The results are super rewarding!!! I have many other routines but we don't have time to talk about all of them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but great family, friends, happiness, kindness, loyalty, humbleness, a great dress, hot shoes, lovely cocktail, vacation resort and awesome company--a good man (ha ha ha!!)-- all make me feel beautiful.

What’s been the best/most memorable time in your life?
Having children is one of the best memories of my life.


Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Anything you do, do it from your heart. Be kind to others.
If you could talk to your twenty-something year-old self, what would you tell her?  
Don't be afraid to live outside the box...that's where the best you lives (I found out).

Have you been in love? What has it taught you?  
Yes. Love has taught me how to give love not to be selfish. It hurts too.


How do you show someone you love them?
Taking the time to know and care for them. Not sweating the small stuff, cooking a good meal for them, taking their needs and wants into focus and being there for them even without them asking. Really giving a sh*t.

If you could give me one lesson in love, what would it be?
Be generous with your love, true love don't hold back. It really is a good feeling. It makes the heart happy.

What does self care look like to you?
Waking up every morning and appreciating the day by welcoming all the possibilities and the excitement it has to offer. Growing to be a better me every day.
How do you make time to tend to yourself?
Pampering myself with meditation, better eating habits, working out, fantastic showers with face mask and body scrubs. Also awesome oils to enrich my skin and hair, aromatherapy for my space, motivational speeches, the spa and massages on occasions. Appreciation of life!!! 



In celebration of mothers and their beauty, Annette wanted to share lessons she learned from her mother. Here's what she had to say.

My relationship with my mother was a great one. She was the best mother in this world. She was kind, humble, soft spoken, caring and had a great laugh. I felt so loved. She touched everyone’s soul that came in contact with her. She was such a super woman without knowing it because it was done without a fuss. I aspire to be as great as she was. I love and miss her so much. My mom was taken from me May of 2014. I know she is watching over her family and I feel her sprit. I shed a tear at times for her because I miss seeing her kind face but I know she has instilled good values that I hoped I passed on to my children.  She left a legacy of kindness and humbleness. 


What’s your biggest beauty mistake? 

Favorite beauty tip/secret?
ANYTHING RED :) It hugs my best curves, from my lips to my hips.

What’s your current beauty routine? What makes you feel beautiful?


Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Improve the quality of life by showing kindness.

If you could talk to your twenty-something y/o self, what would you tell her?
Take your time, there are more fish in the sea.

Have you been in love? What has it taught you?
Yes. The heart needs love, care and attention.

How do you show someone you love them?
Be kind, grateful, and unconditional acceptance of who they are as a person.

If you could give me one lesson in love, what would it be?
Give love the way you want to get it.

What does self care look like to you?
Laughter is the best cure.







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