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By Ari Edwards


Optimal Living Daily

If you're looking to get into podcasts but have no clue where to start, look no further. Optimal Living Daily is short and sweet, and super inspirational. Host Justin Malik reads personal development blog posts every single day--with the permission of the authors--on topics ranging from minimalism to increasing productivity to ways to connect with your community. 
This show is a great start for podcast newbies because each episode is only about ten minutes or less in length. Plus, you can start with any episode since each one has a new and different topic. Give it a listen and embrace its positive energy. 


Pineapple Collaborative

The future of food is female! Pineapple Collaborative highlights amazing women in food and creates intelligent, creative, supportive experiences that foster conversation about food and feminism, both online and in the community.

Some of their coolest and latest events include Seeding Social Change, Whisk Takers and Wellness Realness--and those are just in DC! Pineapple Co. has events in NY and San Fransisco as well. This community is so amazing and incredibly necessary. The food industry, like everything else, is dominated by men, but women are killing it too. It's important to create our own spaces and uplift each other. Check out their podcast and follow them on Instagram to keep up with what all they dope things they're doing.



I don't know how many plant Instagram accounts you follow, but I'm always adding new ones to my feed. Botanicalpickmeup celebrates the journey to plant parenthood, sharing lush photos of gorgeous leafy plants and unique pots. Definitely, follow them if you can't get enough botanical inspo!

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