Real Self Care in 3 Simple Ways

By Ari Edwards

Girls' Night In Club

The concept of self care has made it's way from radical womanist theory to mainstream, consumer culture. Girls' Night In aims to make various forms of self care a priority, and shares helpful ways to make caring for yourself easy. They send out newsletters every Friday with recommendations for ways to tend to yourself, plus they hold irl events for women to gather and have fun--namely their bookclub. 

With reads on topics like creating body-inclusive habits and learning how to say no, it's no wonder they're making waves in the world of wellness.

Coconut Deo from Kopari

We've talked about deodorants and the harmful chemicals found in most of them, but to be honest, finding an all natural deodorant that really works can be tricky. Coconut Deo from Kopari, a coconut-oil based brand, is a clean option that works. It's got non-toxic ingredients that don't harm your bod and, according to reviews, a formula that does its job. 

The Thirty

We could all use a little more positivity on our social feeds, am I right? Check out The Thirty on Instagram for real-life health tips that anyone can follow. And their highlights? Clutch. They've got workouts, recipes and mental health stories that are pretty helpful. Follow them to amp your health and wellness game.


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