Recap on THE Regimen for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin | #GLOWBABYGLOW

By Alexa Santory


This week’s Beauty School lesson broke down three of our favorite glowy skin products we put into one bundle to help you get the brightest, most hydrated skin ever! Let’s go over the products and what they do!


The regimen is as follows:


1st Cleanse skin with natural cleanser
2nd Tone skin with natural toner (For sensitive skin use 2-3x week to start)
3rd Use Eden Oil to moisturize skin


1st Cleanse skin with natural cleanser
2nd Tone skin with natural toner (For sensitive skin use 2-3x week to start)
3rd Use Eden Oil to moisturize 


1st Cleanse skin with natural cleanser

2nd Bollywood Mask (Apply and leave on for 20 min)

3rd Wash face with an all-natural cleanser with gentle dark washcloth

4th use Eden Oil to remove residue and apply more Eden oil and let it soak in



1st Cleanse skin with natural cleanser

2nd Serengeti Mask (Apply and leave on for 20 min)

3rd Wash face with an all-natural cleanser with gentle dark washcloth

4th use Eden Oil to remove residue and apply more Eden oil and let it soak in

That's It! Repeat these steps every week for six weeks for results that will have you shook!
    • Our Bollywood mask is amazing for deep cleaning and detoxing the skin. Charcoal and honey work hard to wash out deep-rooted dirt and oil, while battling acne and moisturizing the skin. The rest of the ingredients pack a serious punch and will definitely lead to brighter, more even skin after one use.
    • Serengeti has some intense brightening agents and was carefully formulated to encourage and reveal glowing skin. Ingredients like papaya and turmeric work together to visibly brighten the skin, while rosehip and tomato balance the oil on the skin and help fade hyperpigmentation. Ground almonds and lemon peel tie everything together by giving a one-two-punch of both physical and chemical exfoliants.
    • Eden serum is the perfect serum for people who are scared of serums. Chamomile is the vehicle for all of the other oils that make this serum so amazing. Rose balances the skin, while hibiscus and coconut oil intensely moisturize. Bay leaf and burdock root treat and prevent breakouts. You can use Eden on its own as a moisturizer, but it also works as a toner and makeup remover.
    • Remember, only use one mask at a time. They each pack a punch, no need to combine them.
    • This kit is going to give your skin some serious glow and brightness. Prepare to be amazed! But don't take it from us, check out what users have to say!



    Nicole says...

    "I have used the #glowbabyglow kit now for one full week, and I must say I am loving the way my skin is feeling and this natural glow that I am experiencing. When I first used the Bollywood charcoal mask and Serengeti mask, I was underwhelmed. I didn't notice any immediate changes in my skin. My primary concerns are large pores, hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, and dry, peeling skin due to menopause/hormones.

    The oil was not overly impressive immediately, and the smell took some getting used to. But after using the oil morning and night as directed, and one application of both masks, by the end of the week my skin has been glowing!!! And I didn't even realize it until I went to put on makeup (I don't typically wear makeup) and my skin was absolutely gorgeous (if I do say so myself) this is not typically the case under my makeup (I only use tinted SPF - not heavy foundations), which is why I don't bother with it too often. So I started paying more attention, and realized that after the daily application of the Eden oil, my skin absolutely soaks it in and is so moisturized!

    My pores appear smaller, my dry patches are no longer apparent, and my skin is no longer dull. I'm praying that this continues because my skin can be quite temperamental and sensitive, after a few uses it becomes used to a product so I am praying this will continue to work!! I am super excited!!!"

    Esther says...

    "I was really excited to receive this bundle in the mail. I have combination skin so oily t-zone and dry everywhere else, the t-zone is especially prone to breakouts in the warmer weather. To break down the regimen: The charcoal mask is AMAZING. It was the first thing I used and I mixed it with a little honey and water. I left it on for about 20 minutes and then washed it off (this was really tricky it took forever to get it all the residue off my skin.) It left me feeling sparkling clean and my skin was baby soft after.

    A few days later I did the Serengeti and learning my lesson from the charcoal mask I used much less product than the first time mixed with both honey and water and left it on for 40 minutes. I did not notice the same immediate results as with the charcoal but I have a feeling the properties will be more noticeable as I continue to use the products.

    So the Eden oil was a challenge for me, my skin does not tend to do well with coconut oil as a whole as I have noticed in the past it does make my skin more oily. In the beginning, I was using it twice a day as a moisturizer but I began to notice that the oil build up on my face was increasing and there was some acne action going on. I immediately cut back to only using Eden on my face at night as a serum/moisturizer after I take off my makeup and then it began working perfectly. My face is happy and super soft when I wake up in the morning. I cannot wait to see more improvements as I continue following this regimen for the next several weeks."

    So, you've got the perfect mask regimen, but what about cleansers and toners?

    We love an all natural DIY, so here are some suggestions for amazing, affordable, and all natural cleansers and toners to incorporate into your regimen:


    Oil Cleansing

    Oil on oily skin sounds crazy, but we promise, it's effective! Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are great options. Simply pour a bit into your hands and work into damp skin as you would a traditional cleanser. Rinse with warm water and boom! Soft, clean skin. 

    This video has some great DIY options involving ingredients like honey and oatmeal!



    African black soap is so good for the skin. This DIY recipe mixes it with a few other all natural ingredients to make the perfect face wash.



    Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water makes for a super effective toner. Mix equal parts ACV and water, pour in a spray bottle and you're good to go. The only con to this option is the smell. If you're not used to the scent of ACV this toner might be a bit off-putting. No worries! Try...

    Rosewater! It's super easy to make and quite gentle on the skin. All you need is water, organic rose petals and (maybe) a little vodka. If you happen to have a rose bush in your yard or garden, use those! It's important to use pesticide-free roses, especially since you'll be putting this rosewater on your skin. If you don't have your own rosebush, try an organic source. You can even try buying pre-picked petals.

    Bring some water to a boil on the stove. Once it's boiling, add the rose petals and let them soak until the water turns red. It's that easy! Strain the water and pour into a spray bottle for use. This mixture will only last about 5 days in the refrigerator, so if you want to make it last a bit longer, that's where the vodka comes in. Pour a tiny bit into the rosewater for preservation. Now, alcohol can be drying on the skin, so either skip this step completely or use a very, very tiny amount of vodka in your spray.

    Tea tree oil plus witch hazel is a match made in heaven for oily, acne prone skin. Pour witch hazel into a jar or spray bottle and add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil. This combo is antibacterial and keeps the skin clean and fresh.

    Belle Bar questions? We got you.

    What if I have sensitive skin?
    Keep in mind that irritated, acne-prone skin can be very sensitive. Please test these products before full use. Our products are highly concentrated, 100% active ingredients and that can be alot for certain skin types. You can dilute our masks my adding more active ingredients or using less mask powder at a time. Belle Bar Organic is a DIY beauty brand so feel free to make the masks work for you.
    Will I break out?
     Bollywood is a detox and you may experience some pimples on your skin in the beginning as the Red Morrocan Clay and Charcoal deep cleans your pores and brings everything to the surface. The newer pimples should only last a few days as with the combination of the Eden Oil, you are cleaning and detoxing your skin. *Discontinue use of our masks if your skin is reacting negatively to them. You can always test your products behind your ears and wait 24 hours to see a reaction.
    You are fragrance-free, what do the products smell like?
    We made the conscious decision to not use fragrance at all in any of our products. Fragrance is not regulated by the FDA and can be EXTREMELY TOXIC! We refrain from using essential oils in most of our products because we know many people have sensitivities and are allergic to different essential oils. We endorse essential oils, however, we wanted to make sure our products were safe for everyone. With that being said the scent of our products is "Earthy". Our products smell exactly like the fruit, oil, herb, and flower does in their natural state. Sometimes the scent is strong, but they do not last after application. We think the benefits of using nature far outweigh having something that smells amazing but is harmful to your skin and hair. It is time to retrain our minds on what is good for us and what is important. So we are PROUD of our EARTHY SMELLS! It's Good for you!

    We do not make any claims that this regimen or these products will permanently stop acne or breakouts.


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    Dreya says...

    "I have used the #glowbabyglow kit for a week now and I have noticed a few changes in my skin. I have a backwards combination skin meaning my T zone gets very dry and the rest of my face is prone to oil and blackheads. After using the Bollywood charcoal mask I could tell that my skin felt really clean but moisturized as well. 
    The Eden oil is great it’s the first oil I have been able to use that doesn’t cause a breakout in the first couple days. I’ve also noticed my skin doesn’t feel as try. I was always having the issue of my nose peeling like I don’t take care of it. When I was applying a moisturizer day and night. But I haven’t noticed any of that with the eden!! 
    After using the papaya mask, I was starting to feel myself! Hoonnnneyyy that glow! My skin felt silky smooth! I can not wait to see how the next few weeks will go using these products! Thanks belle bar!"










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