Recommeded Travel Kit: Maintaining Healthy Skin and Hair on the Go

Recommeded Travel Kit: Maintaining Healthy Skin and Hair on the Go
By Alexa Santory


Whether you’re planning a trip to somewhere fabulous, or maybe you’re just headed home for the holidays (which can still be fabulous!), packing a comprehensive skin and hair routine can be a pain in the a$$. Those pesky TSA guidelines don’t wanna see you be great!! This, ladies and germs, is where we come in. At Belle Bar, we want you guys to look and feel like your healthiest, glowiest selves no matter the location. We’re gonna be talking about traveling with your skincare and how to make the most of it. Plus, we’re breaking down our essential travel kit using some of our favorite Belle Bar products!


Belle Bar Organic = Travel Friendly

        Over the last 15 years or so, plane travel has become more and more stressful. With restrictions on what can and can't go on a plane, stricter TSA guidelines, longer lines and wait times, and even having to take off our shoes (yuck) before going through security, airports can be hellish. The only thing keeping us afloat through the abyss of airport security is our destination, that fabulous trip we’ve been saving and planning for for so long. It’s finally here, just through that gate.

So… how can I get my 10-step skin care routine through security without losing my dignity and my products, and possibly causing a security breech?

Well, for starters, leave the super expensive stuff at home and dive headfirst into the world of travel-friendly products. Lucky for you, this niche of teeny versions of your favorite skin care things is being adopted by more and more brands. Even luckier, here at Belle Bar, even some of our bigger products are still small enough to bring on a plane!

As a personal preference, I don’t like to check my luggage when I go on vacation, so I try to fit everything into a carry-on and a backpack. I’m easily the most high maintenance person I know when it comes to traveling and I've managed to make this combo work for a two-week trip to Spain, so if I can do it, anyone can!

In terms of packing your skincare, think small. Tiny versions of your favorite products are a must, if available. Or you can fill up TSA-friendly bottles with enough of your favorite products to last the whole trip. You’d be surprised by how little you actually use when you know you’re short on supply! Keep in mind; this is for liquids, like creams, serums, cleansers, shampoos, etc. TSA requires that liquids brought onto planes must be less than 3.4 ounces.

If you use Belle Bar products, you know we don’t really do liquids. We’re much bigger fans of concentrated powders, making our products damn near perfect to take on any trip in any bag! The resealable pouches won’t leak, and everything is clearly labeled with what’s inside. As far as stuff to mix your Belle Bar powders with, most of ‘em only need water or hair conditioner, both of which I’m sure will be available to you at your destination. You don’t have to skimp on your routine even when you’re away. Happy masking!

Our Ultimate Travel Kit

        So you’re packing for your trip and you’re starting to realize that maybe seven pairs of shoes is a bit excessive, and you still haven’t even touched your toiletries. How are you going to find room for all your hair creams and body butters and facial serums?! First, take out four pairs of those shoes, then read our guide for your ultimate travel skin kit!

Vacations are a time for you to luxuriate and indulge a bit. Although we don’t make cleansers or moisturizers (yet), we do specialize in serums and masks, two major keys for any good skincare routine.

Our popular GlowBabyGlow kit has a much gentler twin sister! The GlowBabyGlow Gentle kit comes with two super gentle face masks, which both conveniently come in our travel size, and a 3 oz. pouch of our Eden serum! Serums are excellent for giving your skin an extra boost of concentrated ingredients. Our Eden Chamomile and Rose Daily Balancing Serum is one of our star products and a great introduction to serums if you’ve never used one. It is so gentle yet so effective, which is why it’s a part of our GlowBabyGlow kit!

Take Eden with you on your vacation if you want balanced, glowing skin.

Eden has chamomile and rose, two super soothing ingredients that restore the skin’s pH and ease inflammation. We also added coconut oil for its antibacterial properties, olive oil for its high vitamin E content, calendula to heal dry skin and prevent breakouts, cinnamon for its antioxidant properties, and aloe vera because it does everything! This serum is sure to become a staple in your skincare routine during your vacation and beyond!

Now on to masks--our specialty! We recommend pinpointing your biggest skin concerns while on vaca and picking a mask that focuses on that. If your trip is to somewhere hot where you know you’re going to be in the sun, pack your SPF, and pick a mask that’s soothing like our Kenya Gentle Rose Soothing mask. This one is so absolute favorite of mine! Rose as the main ingredient is going to help your skin chill out after a long day in the sun. There’s also tomato, which promotes a healthy glow, and açaí berry, which helps promote skin elasticity — a big plus if you’re gonna be in the sun! We added yuca to gently skin the too! If your trip is to somewhere colder, get a mask that focuses on moisture, something your skin can’t get enough of in cold weather! Our Niagara Goat Milk Hydration mask is full of deeply hydrating ingredients like honey, banana, coconut milk, rice bran oil, and of course, goat milk! We also added oatmeal to soothe chapped skin, and buttermilk to brighten the skin. Niagara is the perfect mask to help soothe and moisturize dry, chapped skin and the perfect mask to have in your toiletry bag on your winter getaway!

Masking on a Plane

Plane air is notoriously dry. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures on Instagram of your favorite celebs doing various types of wild looking face masks on flights. Honestly, they’re on to something because that airplane air is brutal. Just so cold and dry, it’s like the aeronautic equivalent of a New York winter.

Every year around this time, I learn something new about my skin. This year I learned that my skin does not react well to sudden and significant temperature changes. This includes stepping onto a practically sterile, freezing cold airplane after being in the hot humidity surrounding LaGuardia airport. So what do I do to fix this little (actually pretty big) problem? I mask on the plane.

We offer a range of face masks that fix just about any and every one of your most pressing skin concerns. I’ll wipe my face with a gentle cleansing wipe, tone with a bit of witch hazel, and mix the mask powder with some bottled water and voila! Twenty minutes until you have the most hydrated skin, even while on the plane. You can even remove our masks with Eden, providing you with an extra layer of hydration and some intense glow! Or, you could go to the airplane bathroom and wash it off there, too!

We know how our masks can look when they’re on, and if you’re shy about it, just remember that everyone on the plane is in their own little world, just waiting to get off that flying hunk of metal safely — they’re probably not paying attention to you and if they are, make a scary face and they’ll definitely leave you alone. I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, I know how to get people to stop staring. Anyway, the hydration doesn’t have to stop there either! How about a hair mask while you fly to keep your tresses protected from the frigid cabin temps? Before your flight, simply apply the mask onto your wet hair and wrap it up to keep it intact, like in some braids or a cute bun! Then, just wash it off when you arrive at your destination and prepare for everyone to ask you how your hair looks so bomb after traveling. Your skin and hair don’t have to suffer just because airlines want us to freeze! Pack some fuzzy socks and an extra blanket and start the indulgences before you even arrive. You’ll get off that plane looking and feeling like a million bucks!

You don’t have to compromise your routines just because you’re traveling! Having clear, healthy skin is possible no matter where you are in the world.


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Tamara says...
"I love this mask. It’s gives my skin a soft baby pink glow. While it dries on my skin, washing it off doubles as an exfoliation. It definitely makes my pores appear smaller."



 Elaine says...
"Where have you been all my life? This oil serum is excellent. After using one week my face has never felt this soft. Eden oil will always be a part of my face regimen for now on."






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