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By Ari Edwards



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Therapy for Black Girls

Okay, let's be honest. As a person of color, especially a black person, there are certain stigmas associated with mental health issues and seeking professional help. Problems with mental health are looked down upon, not talked about at all, or harshly criticized. It's time to let go of these harmful, backwards notions. With the current state of the country and generational trauma passed down from our slave ancestors, black Americans have a lot of emotional and mental baggage to deal with. Racist-informed sexism and sexist-informed racism especially effect black women, and we need to heal. 



Dr. Joy, the creator of the Therapy for Black Girls website and podcast, is a licensed Psychologist who specializes in counseling black women and couples. She's an advocate for mental wellness and helping black women feel comfortable seeking therapy. Hallelujah! 
On the podcast, she touches on everything from depression, dating, affirmative spaces, autism and more! This show should definitely be on your subscribed list. Also, Dr. Joy provides a directory on the site to help black women find local black women therapists, how dope is that? Therapy for Black Girls is such a positive and necessary space. With more platforms like this, we can work to change the way we perceive mental health in the black community, and encourage others to seek the help they need. Let's support this movement.



Otis and Leaf 

Who else love a good candle? Okay, but who loves candles made from all natural ingredients? More and more, lots of us are understanding the effects of using and consuming man-made, synthetic products. I, personally, am trying to make the switch to an all natural lifestyle, one product at a time. It's not always easy, but with a company like Otis and Leaf you realize that it's worth it. 



These candles are are hand-poured and contain 100% all natural coconut wax. Gotta love a brand with integrity! Plus, how nice is this packaging? I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for things that come in beautiful containers. Follow Otis and Leaf on Instagram to keep up with all their new drops and minimalist photo inspo. Oh, and these candles burn for up to 45 hours, so if I were you, I'd snag one. 



Rose Grown

As an aspiring plant mom, I'm always looking at cool plant/planter Instagram accounts for inspiration. Trust me, there's no shortage of this type of content, but sometimes plant accounts (like pretty much all types of content on the web these days) start to look the same. With the internet being so heavily saturated it often takes time to find unique things that grab your attention instantly. Meet Sonia Rose McCall, aka rosegrown on IG, an artist who creates amazingly eye-catching ceramic planters. 

What's so cool about McCall's Goddess planters is that their forms take the shapes of women's bodies. Real bodies. Bodies that come in all shapes and sizes, boobs that are droopy, small, large, bellies that are round. It's so refreshing! But when you think about it, this makes sense. Sonia Rose is a woman creating feminine pieces, a woman's gaze is much different than that of a man attempting to create the same work. 
At the moment, McCall's Goddess planters are all sold out (shocker), but she will be restocking her site June 2 at 8pm, according to her Instagram. In the meantime, you can follow her there, and set a reminder for when these lovely pieces are available for purchase.
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