Skin Balance & pH: Recap

By Sydney Boryga
April 28, 2018



Maintaining balanced skin is absolutely essential. What you eat, the products you use, and lifestyle habits all affect the pH on your skin. Here's a quick rundown on what pH balance is and how to manage it.


  • PH is used to determine our skin’s balance and alkaline-acidic level. Our “acid mantle” is our skin’s protective line of defense, designed to fight against disruptive pH factors, but it can easily be disrupted! The skin is most happy at a pH of 5.5, but you don't need to get a measuring kit and constantly worry over this number. Stick to a good routine and healthy habits and your skin will thank you.


  • The skin's pH is highly affected by products we use. Products with harsh ingredients and synthetic chemicals strip the skin's moisture, disturbing the skin's acid mantle. Stick to gentle, natural products for healthy skin.


  • Unhealthy lifestyles and sun exposure also greatly affect the skin's pH. Switch things up to restore balance. Be sure to eat a healthy diet and exercise--it helps the overall state of your body, including the skin! And please use UV protection! No sun damage or premature aging over here! 


All in all, balance is key to a healthy life. Start practicing with your skin!  

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