Skincare on Vaca: A Guide

By Alexa Santory


Struggling between choosing whether you should pack those extra bathing suits or the entirety of your skincare routine? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to decide; you can absolutely take your entire skincare regimen and that fifth bathing suit you just have to get a selfie in. Hey, I’ve done it! Packing for trips can be a stressful balance of figuring out what you want to take with you versus what you need. In some circles (like the circle of Belle Bar Organic), maintaining a good skincare routine is a necessity. Don’t skimp on it just because you’re not gonna be home, take it with you and have the most bomb skin wherever you go!


Skincare on Vaca: A Guide

  1. Cleanser: If you’re like me, you have that one extra special cleanser that you use at home that is your absolute be all end all, cannot-be-without cleanser. I know, it’s hard to part ways with such a perfect product but while on vacation, but you’re gonna want to go basic with the cleanser you bring on your trip. That means don’t bring the full-sized bottle of the $40 cleanser you love so much and stick to one that gets the job done. Try something conditioning that won’t strip your skin and will actually helping lock in moisture, especially if you’re going somewhere with extreme weather (super hot or super cold). Try and find a travel-sized version OR fill up a refillable travel bottle with enough cleanser to last the duration of your trip!
  2. Toner: In my experience, finding a travel sized bottle of toner has been rather impossible, so I fill a travel sized spritz bottle with witch hazel and pack about 1,000 cotton pads because I like to be over prepared. But did you know that we make a bomb toner ourselves? Our Eden Chamomile and Rose Daily Balancing Skin Serum works triple time as a toner-serum-moisturizer hybrid. Since it’s toner’s job to balance the skin, this one does just that, while also delivering some rich moisture! The oil blend will have your skin looking and feeling super hydrated, balanced, and clear. There are also some ingredients that make the skin extra glowy, sans highlight!
  3. Serum: This is a totally optional step to bring with you! Most brands make serums that come in travel-friendly sized bottles as it is, so it’s really up to you to choose the one that’s going to give your skin the boost it needs. Personally, I always opt for something hydrating. Your skin can never be too hydrated. Chances are, you’re traveling somewhere that has a different climate than back home. Tap water from other places can be super harsh and dry out the skin more than you realize. Plus, sun exposure or extreme cold can both lead to early signs of aging, as well as dry, flaky skin. Eden makes for a great one-size-fits-all option because it delivers all those hydrating benefits, plus a healthy glow! It’s super soothing and balancing, and it works great for all skin types!
  4. Moisturizer: You can bring Eden with you for this too! Or, you can fill a refillable travel jar with your favorite moisturizer you use at home! As a general rule of thumb, think about the climate you’re traveling to. Is it gonna be hot? Opt for something light -- maybe a gel moisturizer that won’t weigh your skin down too much. If you’re going somewhere colder, try a heavier moisturizer that’s gonna deliver some intense hydration to offset the chill!
  5. Masks: Vacation is all about treating yoself, so why not pack a mask or two (or 7 like I did for a four day trip)? Sheet masks are definitely a good option because they’re only one step. Our selection of masks is bomb too, with a noticeable difference after one use. My suggestions are the Kenya mask, which is super soothing and balancing, everything your skin needs after a long day on the beach. I also love Serengeti, our brightening mask that uses papaya and turmeric to slough off dead skin and reveal a brighter complexion.

No Breakouts on Vacation!

        Ever gotten a fat pimple on vacation and thought, “who invited you? Did you pay to be here?” The answer is no one and absolutely not. Breaking out on vacation can totally kill your vibe in a way that’s different from when you break out at home. Here are some ways to prevent breakouts when you’re away!

Drink water!!

Okay, I know!!!!! You’re tired of hearing this but it should be obvious by now! The best way, IMO, to keep your skin clear when you’re traveling is to drink plenty of water. True story, I went to Miami on vaca this year and drank nothing but water (and my morning coffee) for four straight days. Despite eating any and everything I wanted, on my last day there, my skin looked and felt better than it probably ever has. It was actually pretty mind blowing considering I was eating so much junk.


Actual photo of me on my last day in Miami.

Here is photographic evidence of the condition of my skin after 4 straight days of drinking tons of water. I also didn’t drink any alcohol, which leads me to my next point….

Keep liquor intake to a minimum.

I get it, you’re on vacation, you’re gonna want to party and get a little saucy. The only reason I didn’t was because I was alone, BUT keeping the drinking to a minimum is only going to do good things for your skin. Alcohol dries us out  like crazy--inside and out--and a lot of liquors and mixed drinks have tons of sugar. Super dry skin can lead to the overproduction of sebum, which can lead to a breakout or two. It’s okay to have a drink here and there, but drinking a whole bunch everyday of vacation will show up on your skin in an intense way!

Try to eat healthier.

Indulgences tend to be the name of the game when we’re traveling. It’s like every unhealthy food option is readily available no matter where you go. Try opting for healthier, more balanced meals. Keep fried foods to a minimum, eat plenty of fresh fruit, and drink your greens if you don’t wanna eat them. Keep your gut balanced on vacation and your skin will most certainly thank you.

Wear a little less makeup.

Forgo the foundation and let your skin breathe girl! Traveling and vacations are a time to destress and decompress. Start the process by leaving some of the makeup at home and making the conscious decision to wear less of it when you’re away. For some reason, your skin almost always looks better on vacation anyway. Chances are you won’t even need that much makeup!

Ice your pimples.

This is an age-old trick to getting the swelling on a pimple to go down. If you see one popping up, grab an ice cube and place it on the pimple immediately. It’ll help reduce the redness and swelling by shocking the pore and essentially shrinking it. If you don’t have any spot treatments available, this is a great replacement that won’t dry out your skin and is $free.99!!  

When you’re traveling, things can get a little hectic. You wanna see all the sights and be able to take in as much as you can on your trip. Don’t forget to slow down a bit and relax. Give yourself a morning facial, take your sweet time doing your nighttime skincare routine, or just make sure to drink plenty of water on your trip. Whatever you choose, don’t compromise your routines just because you’re not home. Bring them with you and glow wherever you go!


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