The Importance of Family and Good Wine | Secrets and Lessons


Jeanette is the Creative Intern. Here's her mother, Mai Huong.


Words can't simply describe how much I love my mother. She is the strongest woman I know. I am eternally grateful for everything that she has done for me and until now she is still supportive in all that I do. With her grace, kindness, beauty and discipline, my mother has sacrificed so much for us, and I wouldn't be who am I today without her.
-- Jeanette
What’s your biggest beauty mistake? (an era of bad makeup, not washing your face at night when you were young etc.)
One time I had my friend pluck my eyebrows because this kid was teasing me about how bushy they were and they turned out horrible! I had to draw them in everyday after that and the kid still made fun of me.

Favorite beauty tip/secret?
Never pick your pimples! I learned that the hard way. Sunscreen is a lifesaver, whether it is sunny out or not, always put on sunscreen.

What’s your current beauty routine? What makes you feel beautiful?
I wash my face twice a day: once before I go to bed and once after I get up in the morning. Follow up with a toner and skin serum to balance out your skin. And then lastly, stick with a trusty moisturizer that caters to your skin type along with an eye cream. You always take my eye cream too!
Oh and I feel most beautiful with my family. They make me feel confident and appreciated.


What’s been the best/most memorable time in your life?
When your father and I got married, we lived in a very small loft by a poor neighborhood. We were on our own with no money and no support system. It was a rough time where both of us were working day and night but we got through it eventually. I remember being really scared but it opened my eyes to reality and taught me many lessons.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
The one advice that really stuck to me was from your grandmother: to be patient and caring for your family.

If you could talk to your twenty-something year-old self, what would you tell her?
Try your best to study even harder, be active and seize all the opportunities around you to be a better version of yourself.

Have you been in love? What has it taught you?
Yes! With your father, you and your sister! You guys have taught me what it truly means to be a mother. Love is bigger than all of us!

How do you show someone you love them?
Putting the ones you love before yourself and always supporting them no matter what.

If you could give me one lesson in love, what would it be?
The person you end up with will not love for the sake of being in love. It is when you both can see a future together. You need to be true to yourself first and live an honest life. Love the ones who will accept the real you, who will listen to you, who will respect your choices and all of you.

What does self care look like to you?
Having fun with my friends and drinking wine, self-love, surrounding yourself with family and loved ones and taking care of your health, mind and soul. Meditation works like a gem!

How do you make time to tend to yourself?
Once in a while, put on your favorite show and have a bubble bath. Nothing can go wrong with that! On a good day, I like to go to the nail salon as well, you know me, I love getting my nails done!


Aren't moms the best? This whole week we at Belle Bar are honoring the women who made us who we are, our mothers. Stay tuned! 
In the meantime, check out how Jeanette soothes and clears her skin with Bollywood! 




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