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By Ari Edwards


De Colores Radio

De Colores Radio, a dope podcast aimed at supporting and uplifting brown and black communities, is funny, real af, and an incredible example of why representation matters. I love the structure of the show. They get into the culture during the Juice segment, offer some tips on loving yourself during Self Care Corner and celebrate local brown businesses each week. Did I mention they have amazing interviews? This dynamic trio even brought in The Shea Serrano for their one year anniversary show! How cool is that? If you don't know De Colores, now ya know.


Thrive Market

Unfortunately, living a clean, non-toxic lifestyle can be difficult for some folks, so we often have to opt for less expensive options that aren't so good for us. Thrive Market offers all natural health food and beauty products for super low prices. They cut out the middle man and reduce costs by 25-50%, making organic, clean food and beauty items truly accessible to all people. 
Healthy living shouldn't be a luxury. Check out Thrive for amazing deals and quality products!


Racheal Speaks


On the topic of representation and accessibility, Racheal Speaks is a beautiful soul who shares her experiences in yoga and holistic living, and provides inspiration for black girls everywhere. Follow her to learn about accessible yoga poses, beautiful photos and positive perspectives.

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