Top 6 Natural Beauty Gifts Worth the Splurge

By Alexa Santory


Our All Natural Gift Guide: Part 2

Gift-giving is all part of the magic of the holidays. While some of us are striving to save, some of us like to splurge a bit more on the people we love! We’re blessing you with the second part of our gift guide featuring some ~fancy~ all-natural gifts to spoil your loved ones with!


From us...


Give your kinky/curly friend a full hair regimen perfect for their hair type! This kit includes four products--from masking to styling--that are formulated to strengthen and moisturize all hair types, but are especially amazing for type 4 folks. Give someone you love poppin curls this year.



Do you know someone trying to grow their hair out, or someone who is suffering from hair damage who wants a fresh start? This kit is amazing for building strong hair that retains length, from the inside out. Introduce your loved ones to Ayurvedic hair care, they'll be so glad you did. 

For your mom…


        Moms do a lot. Moms deserve to relax. Let’s face it, moms pretty much deserve the world, but until we can afford to buy them their own private islands, we can give them spa days and massages instead! This website lets you find certified massage therapists based on your area, so you know you’ll be getting your momma the best service for your money! It even tells you the types of massages they specialize in. Gift your mom a few massages for whenever she’s feeling a little tense. It’ll improve her overall well-being and her state of mind. It’s the perfect thing for your momma after another stressful holiday season!

For the friend who’s always cold…


We all have that one friend that’s always cold no matter the temperature. Don’t you wish there was something you could do about it? Stop them from carrying around an extra sweater because this super-luxe scarf is made from a special blend of sustainable beechwood tree fibers. Sounds like it would be itchy, right? That’s where you’re wrong! The fibers are woven to be super soft, plus it’s light enough to be worn year-round!

For the romantic…

Honestly what’s more relaxing and romantic than laying in a bath with some candles? Anyone who enjoys indulging in a little physical self care, hook them up with some all natural bubble bath and a sick, luxe candle in a vintage tin. This bubble bath is a rich combo of coconut oil, French pink clay, roses, and aloe — a combination that’s as sure to help them relax, as it is to nourish their skin. Le Labo candles have been plastered all over Instagram for a few years now and for good reason. This particular scent is a cult favorite amongst so-called “cool girls” everywhere — a blend of amber, cocoa, cedar, and vanilla, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy we all need in our lives. The hand poured wax is housed in a vintage tin, giving it chic, worn out vibe they can keep using after the wick finishes!

For the yogi…


What better way to get someone in the yoga studio than with a bomb yoga mat, like this super special yoga mat that’s made from recycled wetsuits. Neoprene is that scuba material fast fashion stores are trying to make stylish (it’s not), but it’s great for activity because the foam won’t accumulate dust and bacteria from the studio or from you sweating on it. It’s easy to clean, plus it keeps the non-biodegradable material out of landfills. You can even recycle it again when you’ve worn it out!

For your bff…


Jewelry, in my opinion, is one of the most thoughtful things you can get a person as a gift, and jewelry that serves a higher purpose is that much more meaningful. These gorgeous intention bracelets come with a tiny set of papers where they can write down their goals, roll it up, and carry it with them wherever they go. It’s a great way to build a more positive mindset and can also help keep you focused on personal goals and aspirations. Plus, they’re so pretty, they probably won’t wanna take it off! It comes in four, beautiful crystal varieties: rose quartz, lapis lazuli, coral jade, and agate.

For the newfound health nut…

You can’t really start a new, healthier lifestyle without some type of cleanse. Juice cleanses, especially this one from Juice Generation, are great ways to reset your system and reestablish a healthier gut, which after all is what keeps our whole bodies in check. JG’s “mini-cleanse” is meant to gently flush your system of toxins and is meant to be one day only. There are six cold-pressed juices meant to rebalance, clarify, and re-energize your system, ranging from green juice to spicy lemonade. It’s a great gift for that post-holiday food bloat and it’s even better for people who are new to juicing. This cleanse is a gentle toe-dip into the world of other (waaaay more intense) juice cleanses. Plus, everything Juice Generation makes is delicious. For $58, it feels like a steal!

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