Trouble Customizing Your Beauty Products? This is How You Do It

By Ari Edwards

The Beautiful thing about Belle Bar--aside from the use of all natural, organic ingredients, of course--is that you have a say in what goes on your skin and hair. You have the power to pick your own ingredients to create the perfect product for you, and that’s pretty special. So you’ve seen how we at Belle Bar customize our favorite hair masks--I went for a strengthening tea for my protective style, and Jeanette uses rice to repair her strands. But we know that creating your own custom mask can seem a bit challenging at first, especially if you’re not used to paying close attention to the ingredients in your products or working with specific things.
When it comes to choosing the right ingredients for your hair, it’s all determined by what your needs and goals are. For example, I’m trying to grow my hair to waist length, and I know that my hair is super dry and I have hard water in my area. So I have three things I need to get from my product: I need it to help me retain length, deeply moisturize my hair, and provide strength. These things in mind, when I go to customize my mask, I know exactly what to look for. Belle Bar makes choosing ingredients super easy; next to each ingredient on the product page is a short blurb describing its properties or benefits. This makes choosing ingredients intuitive and effective!
Customizing your own hair masks helps you achieve optimal results for your hair, and encourages you to be more aware of what’s in other products you use. What we put into and onto our bodies is super important, and affects the quality of our health. Let’s practice mindfulness with customization! Here’s how to choose the right ingredients for you when customizing hair masks and teas from Belle Bar.

Let’s walk through our custom hair products

  Aside from the small batch recipes we carry--which are already formulated and require no customization on our website --we have four customizable hair masks and four customizable hair teas. This means that there are lots of options, and each mask or tea yields a different result. When shopping for a product, determine what you needs are.
Before choosing one of our four customizable masks or teas, there are three main things you should consider. Ask yourself a few questions:
  1. Do you need extra moisture? Is your scalp super dry? Are you looking to strengthen your hair?
  2. Once you decide what you’re trying to achieve, think about your hair, who is she? What’s her porosity level? Is she super dry? Suffering from heat damage? How’s your scalp doing? Intimate, I know, but these questions are really going to help you make the perfect mask.
  3. Lastly, consider where in your regimen you want this mask. Is it a weekly type of thing, do you already have a moisturizing mask and in need of a strengthening one?
I, for example, have low porosity hair, it’s not too damaged, but I do notice some breakage. I already have strengthening masks at home, so bam! I know that I need something with lots of moisture to help combat that breakage and treat my chronically dry low porosity hair. Easy!

Picking the right stuff

Once you determine what you need, understand your hair type, and have chosen the best mask for you, it’s time to pick ingredients. This is the fun part! The cool thing is, each customizable mask already has a set base that we’ve formulated to treat specific needs, so all you have to do is choose the last three ingredients. The tricky thing is, there are about 15-25 ingredients to choose from! Teas on the other hand, you start from scratch. My best advice: take your time. There might be some ingredients listed that you aren’t too sure about, and that’s okay! We have some pretty unique offerings. We include the benefit of the ingredient, but don’t be afraid to take the time to do a quick Google search to make sure it’s safe for you to use. Now, since we only use all natural, organic ingredients, there aren’t harmful chemicals or synthetic agents to worry about, but it’s always good practice to really learn about and understand what you’re consuming.

Steps to Customizing 

Alright, here's a quick rundown of how to customize with Belle Bar:
  1. Determine what you need. Is your skin dry, oily, broken out? Do you need to strengthen your hair or moisturize it? Have your skin or hair goal in mind.
  2. Choose the mask or tea based on your needs. 
  3. Take some time with the ingredients, get to know them! Look at their benefits and even Google them to get more clarity if you need. Choose your ingredients based on what they do and how they interact with your body. 
  4. Have fun! This is a really unique process and gives you a chance to be a super cool, mad beauty scientist! 

We'd love to see how you customize your beauty products! Share your recipes with us using the tag #MyBelleBarRitual so we can find you!


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