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By Ari Edwards


Money Girl

Ever wonder why we're not required to take classes on investing, debt and financial planning in college? Same. Adulting is tricky, and for a lot us, money just isn't something we know that much about. Sure, we know that it's important, but what about how to build wealth, or have a secure future? Money Girl is here to help. This podcast covers topics like tips on how to make money on the side, credit rights you should know, habits to create financial success and so much more. It's incredibly informative and super popular; Money Girl has been downloaded over 40 million times! If you're struggling understanding how to get money and what to do with it, you're definitely not alone. Check out Money Girl and learn how to get your paper up. 


Sustain Yo'self

Starting a journey to a more sustainable life can be really hard, and maintaining those habits? Forget about it. A simple way you can hold yourself accountable and remain conscious of your daily choices is by surrounding yourself by like-minded folks, in all spaces. Since most of us are online a lot, following green conscious accounts on social media can be inspirational and help keep sustainable ideas at the forefront of our minds.

I love Sustain Yoself, an Instagram account run by twins Geevie and Sophia who live a zero-waste life. They share tips, green brands, and their personal journeys with this lifestyle. On their blog they go into detail about DIY products, eco-friendly alternatives and more! It's so cool that we have resources like this at our fingertips these days. At this point, there really isn't an excuse to better, huh?


The Crystal Boutique

Follow The Crystal Boutique for gorgeous photos of crystals and quick bits of information on each form's incredible powers. Diving into the world of crystals can be kind of intimidating, especially if you've never been exposed to alternative healing methods, but The Crystal Boutique's website, where you can buy your very own crystals, provides newbie friendly info and makes choosing the right crystal for you super easy.  

If you've wanted to explore the healing powers of crystals, The Crystal Boutique is definitely a great place to start. 



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