What Does Black Girl Magic Even Mean? | Da Plug

By Ari Edwards





Museum Mammy

Kimberly Drew, aka @museummammy,  is a badass writer, curator and activist who advocates for black bodies in art spaces. I was first introduced to Drew when I followed her tumblr, Black Contemporary Art, which she started while interning at the Studio Museum in Harlem. It was so new and fresh, and everything I craved on the internet. Drew currently works as social media manager for Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, and her own Instagram is...amazing. Follow her for inspiration and to learn cool new things about black people in art.


Kpellé Designs

 This brand is everything! Owner Gwanyan creates incredible handmade jewelry inspired by African cultures. Each piece is gorgeous and totally exemplifies the magic of black girls. I'm obsessed with the Fulani Earrings--they're so bold and unique--and the Mama Africa Necklace is definitely a staple. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with new pieces and get styling inspo.



Tawny Chatmon

 I love discovering artists making waves for the black community in fine art. Tawny Chatmon is a photography based artist who captures the essence of her  subjects in a regal, beautiful way. Chatmon has such a special eye, and creates images that inspire and make you reflect. She posts her work on Instagram, and you can learn more about her on her site.


Dorcas Magbadelo

There's just so much black girl magic to go around! We had to include Dorcas Mabadelo, an "artist obsessed with covering everything cute black women." She creates images of badass black women with bold lines and bright colors. Her work is a beautiful example of why representation matters; through it we see black girls in all our various colors, shapes, stylistic expressions and attitudes. You can purchase her work directly from her site, where you can also keep up with her blog and upcoming events. Support this artist! 





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