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By Ari Edwards
In honor of the recent hair challenge, we want to provide you with some major knowledge; this week it's all about Ayurveda, which means we're giving you everything you need to know about how to incorporate these incredible ancient practices into your life--especially your hair routine! We're getting into ayurvedic ingredients and how to build the perfect regimen for healthy hair and length retention. You ready? 
The ancient practice of Ayurveda has long made its way to western beauty culture, especially in the natural hair community. Many naturalistas already include ayurvedic herbs like henna and cassia into their regimens. Ayurveda is widely known for its physical beauty attributes, but the practice has deep roots and is about more than hair and skin. While Ayurvedic beauty practices are incredibly effective and powerful, let’s dive a little deeper into this ancient tradition.

What it is

The term Ayurveda is Sanskrit for life-knowledge or science of life: ayur=life, veda=science. Ayurvedic practices date back to prehistoric times, and maybe even before, and are traced back to the Vedic people of India. Two fundamental principles are at the foundation of Ayurveda:
  1. The mind and the body are totally and completely connected.
  2. The mind has the ultimate power to transform and heal the body.

There are five main energies--the doshas--that rule the nature of the self: movement, transformation and structure (or wind, fire and earth). It is believed that the balance of these three elements results in good health, while imbalance results in problems with the mind and body. Ayurveda is all about balance (sound familiar?) and treats the mind and body so that they’re in perfect balance, allowing for a healthy and happy life.


Ayurveda and Physical Health

Warm Water 

It’s pretty common to drink a nice, cold glass of water with our meals here in the States, however, Ayurveda teaches us that cold water can cause digestive issues by cooling digestive enzymes in the GI tract, making it harder to break down what we consume. Drinking hot water helps light the digestive fire in your body because it allows your food to be processed and absorbed more effectively. Warm water also helps flush toxins out of the body. Try boiling water first thing in the morning and drinking with ginger and lemon for some extra fire in the belly. Plus, warm water leaves you feeling energized, clear-headed and gets your metabolism going. Next time you go for that cold drink at your meal, opt for warm water instead.

Massage & Self Love

Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage technique meant to foster self-love and improve functions of the body. We are all about self-care over here, and this practice is definitely a beautiful way to care for and strengthen the mind and body. Let’s get into it.  
This type of massage uses a combination of carrier and essential oils and focuses on the self: restoring the joints, nerves, skin, muscles, and quality of sleep. Different blends of oils offer different benefits.
Here are some great oils to try:

 Sesame oil: great for all external uses on the body, even oil pulling

Narayani oil: helps with stiffness and nerve disorders

Sweet almond oil: very light yet moisturizing and soothing

Coconut oil: helps nourish tissues beneath the skin

Bhringaraj oil: promotes better sleep and healthy skin

Neem oil: super calming, detoxifying for the body

This is a great video with tips on how to give yourself a loving massage!


Stress and Sleep

It’s safe to say that here in the States, we’re pretty stressed. The current administration, job market, social media overload and well, just surviving can all cause us to feel tense, worried and helpless. These negative feelings greatly impact our health and the way our minds and bodies perform. Remember, we are whole beings; what affects one system in the body can affect them all. It’s easier said than done, but try to implement some self-care rituals into your daily routine to keep stress levels low. Take a walk, read, meditate, stretch. Do something that gives you joy each day, even if you only have ten minutes to spare. Your mind and body will thank you


6 Tastes

Mindful eating is a huge part of a healthy body, and a staple in Ayurveda. It is believed that the six food tastes--sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent--give our taste buds different signals and affect our bodies in unique ways, so let’s explore.
Okay, so each body is unique. We all need different amounts of nutrients, in different combinations, but generally, each taste does the following:
Sweet (found in fruit, milk,): increases weight in the body and helps build tissues
Sour (citrus fruits, fermented foods): helps with digestion, circulation, and energy
Salty (sea veggies, nuts: helps with the taste of foods, satiates
Bitter (vegetables, herbs, coffee): compliments other flavors, stimulates appetite
Pungent (spices): aids metabolism and digestion
Astringent: causes sensation on the tongue

Food Tips

Ayurveda teaches us that food should be prepared with love and consumed with respect--no Twitter scrolling or Netflix binging allowed. The food we consume should have adequate nutrients to ensure that all functions of the body are solid, including hair growth. Here are a few ways to consume healthily and mindfully.
  • Incorporate the six tastes into each meal. Each satisfies the nutritional needs of the body.
  • Drink warm water while eating, it helps food to be broken down more efficiently.
  • In Ayurvedic tradition, lunch should be the largest meal of the day. It is believed that when the sun is the highest in the sky (around 12, aka lunch time) the digestive fire in the belly is at its prime. Keep breakfast and dinner light.
  • Eat in a calm, open environment.
  • Include whole foods (foods that haven’t been processed) into your diet. Raw fruits and vegetables do wonders for the body.

The #BEASTMODE Hair Challenge

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