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Golden Sea Buckthorne Shine & Moisture Hair Butter

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The name alone screams LUXURY, and kinky coily hair deserves a moment or two of grandeur. Luxuriate in our Golden Sea Buckthorn Hair Butter for a nourishing dose of hydration. Remember ladies, your hair is your crown, always treat it as such.

Created for Women of Color who want to treat their 4A-4C hair to hydration. We understand the importance of maintaining moisture and with our butter, your hair will be hydrated and the moisture will lock-in. This butter is beneficial to all hair porosities and will improve your hair health from your scalp to your curly ends!

2 jars in every order!


Sea Buckthorne
Watermelon Seed Oil
Mustard Seed Oil
Apricot Kernal Oil
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Sis, we’re here to enhance your already gorgeous hair. There’s nothing wrong with a boost of lavishness and that’s exactly what our Golden Sea Buckthorn Hair Butter is – a boost!

The shea butter in this jar serves as an amazing base for all the oils mixed to create a thirst quencher for dry hair. The watermelon seed oil plays the role of stimulating the circulation of your scalp, the hemp oil enhances hair growth, the rose essential oil contains B3 which strengthens hair, and the sea buckthorn oil provides vitamin A, B, C, and E. Whew, we were not playing when we said, “Luxury”. This hair butter is the perfect blend to treat and spoil your “crown”.

Activate this butter by rubbing your hands together to warm it up and apply it in sections. Be sure to give your ends an extra dose of butter, we’re luxuriating remember


Apply this hair butter daily, to spoil your kinks and curls.


Belle Tip: Our High Porosity ladies should indulge in this butter every night to seal in moisture. Apply the butter, slide on your satin scarf and let the butter do the work, while you’re getting your beauty rest.

Low and Normal porosity ladies, should apply this butter only 2-3 times a week. For the best results, apply dry heat to help moisture penetrate each strand

(2 JARS) Each Net wt 2oz/ 56g

Every day: 1x a day Apply dime size of hair butter to scalp, hair and ends. For best results spritz hair with water first for added moisture. Massage in for 1 minute.

Tip: Use the butter as the cream in your LOC or LCO Method at night or on wash day. LOC Method. Liquid ( Water/Tea, Oil , then Cream). If you feel your hair isn't staying moisturized, switch it up. Try the LCO method ( Water/Tea, Cream then Oil). - better for low porosity curls! Cover your hair with a satin bonnet at night, or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Otherwise you WILL lose all moisture during the night.

High Porosity Hair: Moisturize every night, also if your are suffering from hair damage or extremely dry hair. Saturate ends of hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil at night to help keep ends of hair moisturized as well.

Low Porosity Hair: To much butter can clog your hair strands so do not overdo it. Als using heat can better allow butter and oils to pass through into your hair strands instead of sitting on top. Try use the baggy method if you do not want to use hot tools.

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Hemp Oil: Stimulates, Sea Buckthorn: Promotes radiant hair, Mustard Oil: Promotes growth, Shea Butter: Protectant, Sunflower: Prevent breakage, Baobab Oil: Nourish follicles, Apricot Kernel Oil: Increases hydration, Watermelon Seed Oil: Moisturizes, Rose Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, Juniper Berry: Cleanses, Dandelion: Detox scalp